What Are The Different Types Of Product Defects?

Each year, countless individuals are injured or killed by products that they’ve purchased at the store, online or directly from the manufacturer. There are three general categories that each of these defects fall into including design, manufacturing and warnings. If you believe that you were injured or your loved one was killed due to one of these factors, then you may qualify to file suit to cover your expenses.

Design defects are often discovered by manufacturers when they attempt to produce a product. Sadly, some flaws with the way that a product is designed aren’t discovered until an item makes it on the market, and consumers start buying and using it though. Individuals who are injured or killed may start exploring what caused their injury. If they determine that it was due to the product’s flawed design, the designer may end up being sued for negligence.

Manufacturing defects are often discovered during the fabrication process. There are some instances in which a product makes it on the market without such flaws being discovered beforehand. It’s possible for a consumer to not even realize that the item is flawed until they’re injured by it. An individual who is injured by a poorly fabricated product may be able to file suit against the manufacturer if they’re hurt while using it.

The final type of product defect that may exist deals with advertising. Products that fail to perform as advertised or that lack the proper warning labeling often cause unintended injuries. If you or a loved one are hurt because of this, then you may be able to sue the distributor or marketer of the product for not having provided adequate warnings of harm that the product posed.

Proving that a designer, manufacturer or advertiser was negligent isn’t easy, but it’s key to being able to move forward in filing suit against the party that you believe is responsible for you or your loved one’s injuries. A personal injury attorney here in Sacramento can help you determine if you’ve compiled enough evidence to file suit against who you believe is the negligent party here in California.