What Are The Different Degrees Of Burn Injuries?

If you’ve only ever suffered a minor burn while taking something hot out of the oven, then you may not realize how this type of injury can leave a lasting impact on your health or even claim your life. The truth is that it can depend on how severe your burn is.

There are four primary types of burns. These are first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree ones. The latter is the most severe of all.

An individual with what would be classified as a first-degree burn will often notice a patch of unblistered red skin in the area where they made contact with the hot object.

This presentation contrasts with what you’ll notice if someone has suffered a second-degree burn. Any person who has suffered such an injury will generally notice thicker skin and blisters in the area around where they were burned.

Anyone who has suffered a third-degree burn will generally notice their skin has a thick, leather-like appearance. It will often have a white layer that covers it.

An individual with a fourth-degree burn will often notice that their wound looks similar to a third-degree burn. Someone that has experienced the former may not realize that their injury has permeated beyond their skin and affected their bones or tendons.

Many individuals don’t realize that there are many different factors that can cause burn injuries. Excessive exposure to the sun, boiling liquids, electricity, contact with flames and chemicals can all cause burns.

The most important steps that you can take if you suffer an injury is not to assume that it’s minor. You should instead have it looked at by a California physician to make that determination for you. This could save you from enduring a lifetime of unnecessary pain and keep you alive.

If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may benefit from following up with a personal injury attorney in Sacramento after you are treated by your doctor. They can advise you of your right to recover compensation in your legal matter.