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How you can keep your child safe when visiting the playground

Data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2016 showed that as many as 200,000 children are seen annually in emergency rooms for playground injuries. While most of them are treated for cuts or fractures, at least 20,000 are diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. This discovery led the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to publish some safety tips that caregivers can follow when visiting playgrounds.

Among their tips, ACEP emphasized that it's important that parents and caregivers pay close attention to their children at all times. They noted that it is particularly important for parents to closely monitor their young kids. They should also keep a watchful eye over their older children, even if it seems that they can take care of themselves.

Speeding, drunk drivers cause unsuspecting motorists to get hurt

One child was killed, and another four people were injured when a speeding motorist crashed into their vehicle shortly after 9 p.m. on June 18 along the perimeter of Sacramento International Airport.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Woodland office were first to arrive at the crash scene. It was located just north of where County Road 22 and Interstate 5 North intersect. When they arrived there, they located a severely damaged Nissan pickup truck. They then began checking on the motorists and looking for witnesses.

E-scooter injuries and deaths are surging across the country

At least 100 cities around the world have begun allowing individuals to use stand-up electronic scooters (e-scooters) in recent years. Researchers have been monitoring the uptick in use of these motor vehicles in California and other states. They've found that reports of e-scooter-related injuries and deaths have steadily increased as more of these vehicles have been introduced to area streets.

Rental companies like Bird and Lime continue to attract customers looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to quickly get around town. Many cities have high concentrations of e-scooter pickup stations downtown and in other highly trafficked areas. They can generally be rented for $1. Users then pay 15 cents per minute to use them. They travel up to 15 miles per hour.

What should you do if you get hurt at a Sacramento public pool?

When days are hot in California, it can come as a welcome relief to visit a public pool. It doesn't just serve the purpose of cooling you down, but it's also a way to help your child get some energy out while they're out of school for the summer. While it may be easy to think of a Sacramento area public pool as a fun place to visit, they pose many dangers for visitors. Would you know what to do if you or your child got hurt at one of these?

If you or your child get hurt at a public pool, then you'll want to first seek out medical attention. You'll then need to identify what caused your injury. If you're going to be transported to a hospital, then you may want to enlist someone else to help you determine this. It's important that you preserve evidence for a successful outcome in your case.

Third-degree burns: A physical and emotional journey

Third-degree burns are serious medical emergencies that must be treated as such. These can happen in a variety of situations. They can be caused by an explosion, such as a gas pump or tank blowing up, or by something like a forest fire. No matter how they are caused, the treatment plan for them is usually a lengthy and intense one.

This type of burn is also known as a full thickness burn. It impacts the outer layer of the skin, as well as the layer beneath. The signs of this type of burn include:

  • Lack of pain due to destruction of nerve endings
  • Yellow, black, brown or white skin
  • Leathery, dry skin
  • Swelling

Five common slip-and-fall accidents

Walking hazards and pedestrian safety risks are not always obvious. A trip, slip or fall can produce a long-lasting injury--or even one that leaves you with a permanent disability. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 8 million people per year in the U.S. visit an emergency room as the result of a fall.

As a home or business owner, you should take all necessary steps to eliminate conditions that may lead to a fall on your property. It’s disheartening to see friends, family or customers suffer from a slip-and-fall when it could have been avoided. Injuries from slips-and-falls are too common, and the slip and fall facts and figures are eye opening.

The City of Sacramento pays a wheelchair-bound woman $300,000

On May 13, the City of Sacramento released documents acknowledging that their office had recently settled a lawsuit filed against them. Their records show that they paid a plaintiff $300,000 back in February for injuries that she suffered on a city sidewalk. She was seriously hurt when she was thrown from her wheelchair after coming upon uneven pavement on a downtown sidewalk back in 2014.

According to city records, the plaintiff was traveling down the sidewalk near the intersection of 15th Street and J Street in February of 2014. Soon after that, her wheelchair's footplate became wedged in between the sidewalk and the curb at an intersection.

Every day, 9 people die because of distracted driving

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that distraction behind the wheel isn't a threat. When people go on social media, take pictures, watch videos and send text messages, they put everyone in danger. Even if it feels safe to do it for "just a second," it's not.

Research has shown that nine people lose their lives every day in crashes that are caused by distraction.

What are some of the most dangerous baby items?

When you find out that you're expecting a child, it's often difficult choosing between the many different products on the market. Some items may come from a longstanding brand and look safe, but they're not really the best choice. You owe it to yourself to read what consumer reviews say about it.

Jumpers that can be secured within a door frame seem ideal for babies because they allow them to get accustomed to standing upright. They also encourage them to bear weight on their feet and legs in preparation for walking.

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