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A South Sacramento police crash results in a pedestrians injuries

An unsuspecting bystander was struck by car parts and other debris when a south Sacramento police chase wrapped up on Dec. 2.

It was just before 10:15 p.m. when an officer with the Sacramento Police Department attempted to stop a white Dodge Charger in Meadowview. The motorists refused to stop and instead took police on a short chase throughout the South Sacramento neighborhood. He soon crashed into a phone pole at the intersection of Mack Road and Center Parkway.

Be careful when you're sharing the road with elderly motorists

Many motorists here in Sacramento complain about the dangers associated with sharing the road with teen drivers. These car operators often worry that young motorists have too little knowledge about the rules of the road and lack the maturity to make the right judgment calls. It may be wise for these motorists to focus less on teen drivers and a little more on elderly ones instead.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that older drivers are more apt to find themselves involved in a car crash than their younger counterparts. The federal agency's data shows that as many as 500 seniors become involved in car crashes each day. Safety analysts believe that this has a lot to do with elderly individuals' poor driving habits and abilities.

Four tips for staying safe on ATVs

Between 1982 and 2017, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 15,250 people have died in all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, accidents. That number includes 756 fatal accidents in California alone.

You may enjoy the freedom and fun of riding a recreational vehicle on California trails. But poor driving by another rider or faulty issues with your vehicle can lead to severe consequences. Here are a few tips for keeping safe when out on your ATV:

What are the leading causes of plane crashes?

Researchers with have spent the better part of the last 70 years documenting the known causes of nearly 1,100 plane crashes that have occurred during that time frame. They've included accidents that involved airliners that had at least a 19-passenger capacity that resulted in at least two individuals being killed. What has stood out among their data is that there are four primary causes of air crashes.

The aviation safety website has identified four common reasons for plane accidents. They include weather, mechanical failure, sabotage and pilot errors.

Run To Feed the Hungry Title Sponsorship

Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP is proud to announce that they are the title sponsor of the 2019 Run to Feed the Hungry. After many years of growing sponsorship commitments and fundraising milestones, DBBWC has risen to the top of the sponsorship ladder and has snagged the "Title Sponsorship" for this huge community charity event.

California has the second-highest number of deadly car accidents

Every year, nearly 40,000 people lose their lives in car accidents. Back in 2017, for example, the specific number of fatalities for the United States was 37,133. It's an incredible amount of people when you think about it, coming in higher than the total enrollment at a lot of colleges. And this happens year in and year out. The numbers do change a bit, but tens of thousands of people still lose their lives for the convenience of driving.

If you're wondering how dangerous California is in particular, it saw 3,602 fatalities that year. That was the second-highest number out of all states in the country. The only state that had more was Texas, with 3,722 accident fatalities in 2017.

Can you sue if you signed an injury waiver and get hurt?

When you participate in a potentially dangerous activity, it's common for the venue to ask you to sign a release to protect them from any potential liability if you happen to get hurt. Most people who sign these assume that they cannot take legal action against a venue if they get hurt once they signature these forms, but this is often not the case.

In California and most other states, a judge will make sure that three conditions are addressed in the release when determining whether to let a potential plaintiff move forward in suing a venue.

What are the different types of product defects?

Each year, countless individuals are injured or killed by products that they've purchased at the store, online or directly from the manufacturer. There are three general categories that each of these defects fall into including design, manufacturing and warnings. If you believe that you were injured or your loved one was killed due to one of these factors, then you may qualify to file suit to cover your expenses.

Design defects are often discovered by manufacturers when they attempt to produce a product. Sadly, some flaws with the way that a product is designed aren't discovered until an item makes it on the market, and consumers start buying and using it though. Individuals who are injured or killed may start exploring what caused their injury. If they determine that it was due to the product's flawed design, the designer may end up being sued for negligence.

What are the different degrees of burn injuries?

If you've only ever suffered a minor burn while taking something hot out of the oven, then you may not realize how this type of injury can leave a lasting impact on your health or even claim your life. The truth is that it can depend on how severe your burn is.

There are four primary types of burns. These are first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree ones. The latter is the most severe of all.

Steps to take after an accident with your baby in the back

Parenting a new baby isn't easy, even if you have already raised a few children. Things change rapidly and you are likely constantly worried about your child’s safety and well-being.

Traveling in a vehicle can seem like one of the simplest and safest things, as baby car seats have design features intended to help your little one travel safely. However, motor vehicle collisions remain a leading cause of injury and death for all children under the age of 18. If you experience a crash with your infant in the back, there are certain steps that you should take.

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