Can You Recover From Internal Decapitation?

As you probably know, car accidents are responsible for an alarming number of injuries every single year. Even though many accident-associated injuries are minor, too many others lead to catastrophic and life-limiting consequences for accident victims.

Few car accident injuries are more serious than internal decapitation. According to reporting from Newsweek, the condition happens when the neck internally breaks away from the skull, leaving only muscles and skin to hold the two together.

The extent of your injury

Even though internal decapitation is often fatal, it is possible for some patients to recover. Your prognosis, though, undoubtedly depends on the extent of your injury. If you have considerable damage to your brain stem and spinal cord, your chances of returning to your pre-injury good health diminish considerably.

Your treatment options

Modern medicine provides doctors with some options for treating internal decapitation. At the accident scene, it is critical for emergency responders to stabilize your head and neck. When you arrive at the hospital, surgeons are likely to implant plates and screws to fuse your neck and head. Eventually, physical rehabilitation may help you regain movement.

An expensive recovery

It is not uncommon for individuals with internal decapitation to spend several months or longer in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities. This care does not come cheaply, of course. Indeed, recovering from internal decapitation is apt to cost well over a million dollars.

You might not have to foot the bill, though. Ultimately, if someone else is responsible for your car accident and injuries, you might have legal grounds to pursue substantial financial compensation.