How Do Brain Injuries Manifest?

After getting into a car crash, head injuries are not uncommon. From head injuries, brain injuries may come next.

What exactly does this look like for a crash injury victim? After all, brain injuries can manifest in vastly different ways.

Mayo Clinic discusses traumatic brain injuries. Brain trauma stemming from head injuries usually involves some sort of blunt force impact. With these impacts, the brain can hit the inside of the skull, resulting in bruising, swelling and bleeding.

Behavioral and physical symptoms

Any of these symptoms may manifest in anywhere from seconds to hours depending on the severity of the hit, the area of injury and other factors.

Many severe injuries will manifest with more intense and immediate symptoms. This can include the victim going comatose or falling into unconsciousness, strong head pain that worsens or maintains, motor control problems, visual distortions, ringing in the ears, sensory scrambling and more.

Behaviorally, victims might also show signs such as irrational actions and thoughts, belligerence, refusal to cooperate and sudden bursts of anger that may lead to them lashing out at those around them.

How mild injuries differ

Mild injuries, on the other hand, sometimes do not get diagnosed as quickly. This is because these symptoms often manifest at a slower rate or with less intensity than more severe injuries, causing a person to overlook them entirely.

However, any head injury should prompt medical intervention or examination due to the possibility of serious and lasting damage. This includes head injuries ranging from truly severe to those that seem mild at the offset.