Victims Of Paralysis Face So Many Financial Challenges

A drunk driver’s car blew through a red light smashing into your vehicle, causing it to rollover several times. Shattered glass and pieces of metal surround you inside your car. You are alive, but startlingly, you discover that you cannot move your limbs.

That moment marked the beginning of your life as a quadriplegic, one that brings plenty of hardship and challenges nearly every day. It all happened because the negligence and recklessness of another driver.

Medical care, nurse caregiver and home modifications

Your health takes priority in any situation involving catastrophic injury. Emergency doctors and surgeons will do what they can. But the costs related to medical care only represent a small portion of the expenses you can expect during your lifetime.

Depending on the severity of your injury, costs may top $1 million that first year and range from $50,000 to $200,000 for each subsequent year. The expenses will stem from:

  • Medical care and ongoing treatment: Doctors may have saved your life, but now the challenges just begin.
  • Occupational and physical therapy: You will have to learn how to function in your everyday life through sessions with an occupational therapist. Physical therapy also is a necessity, helping prevent additional health complications. This may include speech therapy, too.
  • Medications: These will help you combat respiratory ailments, infections, pain and depression.
  • Treatment of mental health: Depression may set in, knowing that your life has been changed forever. It may benefit you to talk with a therapist and take medication for your mental health.
  • Nurse caregiver: You will need consistent health care to prevent further complications related to paralysis. Blood clots and infections are among the additional ailments you could face.
  • A variety of necessary devices: The list may include a motorized wheelchair, a wheelchair van and breathing assistance equipment.
  • Home modifications: Extensive remodeling will be necessary with the additions of wheelchair ramps. The home also must have improved accessibility in places such as the bathroom, living quarters and bedroom.

A paralysis victim faces ongoing challenges – the type that few can comprehend.

A compassionate attorney will guide you

The costs incurred from a severe spinal cord injury promise to be astronomical. You have lost your ability to live the life you used to know. You need a legal advocate. A compassionate, aggressive and helpful attorney will guide you through this process in getting the compensation you deserve.