What Is Happening With The Latest Hyundai And Kia Fire Risk Recall?

Recalls from automakers are unfortunately common. There are many parts and pieces to a vehicle that can have issues, which is why recalls happen so often.

Hyundai and Kia have had a bad run recently with multiple recalls, but the latest is the most concerning because there is no fix for it yet.

The issue

According to USA Today, the companies are warning almost 485,000 owners that their vehicles could randomly catch on fire. This could happen while driving or parked, even if the vehicle is turned off.

The problem is with the antilock brake control module. It may have an electrical short that will catch the vehicle on fire at any time. There have been 11 fire reports, but the companies say there have not been any injuries.


There is no current remedy for the problem. The automakers recommend parking the vehicle away from structures and other vehicles to minimize any damage should the vehicle catch on fire due to the brake control module issue. They plan to send out notices once they have the fuse that will fix the problem. Kia began sending them on March 31, 2022, and Hyundai started on April 5, but dealers will not likely receive the fuses until later.

Anyone who owns a Hyundai or Kia should check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. Enter your VIN to see if your vehicle is part of the recall. If you are, you should receive a notice from the manufacturer with instructions about how to contact your dealer for a repair.