What Defects Can Cause Risky Products?

In today’s society, there are many unique and diverse products and plenty of consumers to purchase them. Though we all expect to purchase products that are safe for public consumption, there are situations in which dangers shine through.

This is particularly true when it comes to manuals and warning labels. When a product does not contain proper warnings or clear instructions, it can lead to risky situations.

Marketing defects

Cornell Law School discusses product defects that could create risk. Marketing defects – or warning defects – are one of them. This type of defect gets recognized under liability law. In many cases, these issues will render a product defective even if the product itself gets designed and manufactured in a safe and proper way.

Marketing defects cover issues in which a manufacturer does not include proper warning labels or clear instructions. Examples can include forgetting to warn customers not to touch an object after use if it grows hot. It can also include medication with unclear dosing instructions that lead to overdose or health problems. Omitted information, incorrect information and poorly worded information may all count.

Potential exceptions

The exception to marketing defects involves cases in which a victim altered the product against the recommendation of the manufacturer or producer. If you do so and harm yourself, having altered the product might take away your legal standing.

If you face injury due to the use of a product with a marketing defect, consider talking to legal help. They could help you get the compensation you seek, which can cover medical bills as you go through recovery.