Traumatic Brain Injuries And Personal Injury Litigation

Lawsuits based on the losses that victims suffer in serious accidents can be complex and diverse. While it may seem as though similar accident scenarios may play out the same way in court, different factual circumstances may greatly influence the levels of success that different victims have at trial. California attorneys who work with victims of personal injury accidents can help their clients understand their unique claims and the elements that may alter their legal options.

One type of injury that some accident victims suffer is traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is one in which the functioning of the human brain is affected by a jolt, impact or penetration. Many different types of accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries, including but not limited to car accidents, product defects, falls and more.

When the brain suffers a traumatic injury, a number of different symptoms may result. A person with a mild traumatic brain injury may experience disorientation, pain and some confusion. All traumatic brain injuries may impact victims’ abilities to sleep, focus on information and regulate their emotions.

Serious traumatic brain injuries can cause seizures, coma and even death. Individuals who believe that they may have suffered traumatic brain injuries should seek medical help as this post does not provide any legal or medical advice.

The victim of a traumatic brain injury may suffer more than just the physical symptoms of their harm. They may experience financial losses if they are unable to work, and their relationships with their friends and loved ones may suffer as they work to regain the lives they lived before they were hurt. Damages based on personal injury losses may be available to some traumatic brain injury victims through legal causes of action.