A South Sacramento Police Crash Results In A Pedestrians Injuries

An unsuspecting bystander was struck by car parts and other debris when a south Sacramento police chase wrapped up on Dec. 2.

It was just before 10:15 p.m. when an officer with the Sacramento Police Department attempted to stop a white Dodge Charger in Meadowview. The motorists refused to stop and instead took police on a short chase throughout the South Sacramento neighborhood. He soon crashed into a phone pole at the intersection of Mack Road and Center Parkway.

The man’s vehicle was rendered inoperable from the crash. Photos from the scene show the car split in two from the impact it made with the phone pole. Car parts are strewn about everywhere.

A spokesperson with SPD officers took their suspect down after a short foot race. They noted that he didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries in the crash. A nearby pedestrian wasn’t as lucky though. He was struck by the debris that was sent all over the place when the vehicle crashed into the phone pole. A police spokesperson notes that his injuries are fortunately relatively minor though.

Police chases aren’t all that uncommon here in Sacramento or other parts of California. While law enforcement is supposed to back off in pursuing suspects if there’s a concern that their pursuit of them will endanger the lives of others, police often cross that fine line and individuals get hurt.

One of the best things that you can do in an instance like this is to first seek medical treatment. You should then consult with a personal injury attorney. Your lawyer can advise you of any potential legal action that you may be eligible to take against the police or the person who struck you and any relevant statute of limitations that may apply to such cases.