A Light Rail Accident In Sacramento Leaves 27 Injured

A crash between two Sacramento Regional Transit (SRT) train cars resulted in the derailment of both of them on the evening of August 22. The mass casualty incident occurred just before 9:43 p.m. nearby the intersection of Marconi Avenue and Roseville Road. It resulted in over 27 people’s injuries.

The Sacramento Fire Department (SFD) was first to respond to the scene. It’s upon their arrival there that they found out that the SRT’s maintenance train and a light rail passenger car had collided with each other. The 40 or more SFD firefighters who were summoned to the scene identified 27 individuals that had been injured in the crash.

At least 13 of those individuals who were injured severe injuries had to be transported to two different trauma hospitals in the area. One passenger reported flipping over his bike’s handlebars in the crash. He also witnessed another rider colliding with a bench inside of one of the cars. This left him with a large cut to his leg.

An SFD spokesperson noted that this incident was the first rail accident of its kind to leave so many people injured. He notes that they’re surprised that no one who was involved was critically wounded or died in it.

It appears that transportation officials are still attempting to piece together what may have caused the crash to occur.

Individuals who take mass transit to get to and fro are often safer at the hands of a skilled driver more than they are when they get behind the wheel of a passenger car on California’s heavily congested streets. When mass transit crashes occur though, they often result in several individuals’ catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

A personal injury attorney may advise you of your right to recover compensation to help you pay for these unexpected expenses that you incurred in a crash.