How Can I Prevent Falls On My Commercial Property?

Preventing falls should be a major concern of all commercial property owners. Not only are slip-and-fall suits expensive and time-consuming, there is also the matter of negative publicity.

Even worse, falls are very common. In fact, the National Floor Safety Institute estimates that falls cause more than eight million emergency room visits, which is more than any other incident. According to Frankenmuth Insurance, you should use “wet floor” signs, salt your sidewalks and parking lot, ensure that there is enough light and regularly clear clutter to help customers and patrons avoid damaging falls.

Water, salt and rugs

There’s no way to prevent water from coming into your place of business entirely, particularly if you live with snow or rain. Make sure that you have “wet floor” signs and put them out accordingly. Another tip is to put an entryway rug directly inside your door. This will help absorb water.

If you live in a cold climate, make sure that you salt frequently when temperatures go below freezing. You may also wish to treat all sidewalks and parking lots with anti-icing products.

Clutter and light

Remember to keep as many obstacles out of the walkways as possible. Close any drawers or doors when you finish using them. If you need to stack product, make sure to stack it from heaviest (at the bottom of a shelf) to lightest (at the top of a shelf). Careful clutter and product management can help prevent falls.

Adequate lighting is also a must. If customers and workers cannot see where they are going, it increases the chance of a fall. Replace bulbs promptly when needed.

A little bit of prevention can prevent many falls. This can help your business remain safe and profitable.