How Dangerous Is Eating And Driving?

If you asked the average American to describe a “distracted driver,” it is likely they would imagine somebody texting while driving, or even a drunk driver. However, there are varieties of distracted driving that are far more common, but just as deadly.

Many think that having some coffee while behind the wheel is not dangerous, but it is. Eating while driving is a basic form of distracted driving, and it causes many accidents each year. According to Decide to Drive, you are more than 35% likely to get into an accident if you consume food while driving.

Stopping the problem before it starts

The best way to prevent accidents related to food consumption while driving is not to eat behind the wheel in the first place. Many Americans, for example, eat breakfast in the car. This is a dangerous practice, and you should avoid it. Instead, try waking up 10 minutes earlier so that you have breakfast at home.

Eating while traveling is also an issue. To prevent munching a fast food meal behind the wheel, consider packing a picnic lunch and eating at a rest stop. This will also likely be cheaper and healthier than a greasy drive-thru.

Are there specific dangerous foods?

There are some specific foods that appear more often at crash sites than others. Some of these foods include jelly donuts, coffee, hamburgers, fried chicken and chocolate.

Being fully aware of the road is the best way to reduce the risk of crashes, and thus injury. Make sure to leave the food at home and keep both hands on the wheel while out on the roads.