Bad Weather and Negligent Driving

If you encounter a reckless driver, you could become seriously injured if they cause a crash. Sometimes, negligent drivers are especially likely to cause accidents as a result of poor weather, whether visibility is poor or the road is slick. It is important to understand the various weather-related hazards that you could face while driving and the different ways in which inclement weather causes accidents.

Regrettably, some drivers disregard traffic safety guidelines and fail to use common sense behind the wheel, placing innocent lives in danger.

Fog, Precipitation, and Traffic Accidents

The Federal Highway Administration goes over various weather-related traffic crash risks and the ways in which bad weather can impact driving. For example, snow, ice, and wet pavement can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle, especially if they travel too fast or do not slow down around a sharp turn. Sometimes, reckless drivers speed up or fail to exercise caution when conditions are poor.

Additionally, fog can cause a traffic accident. Not only can fog prevent drivers from seeing other vehicles on the road (as well as cyclists and pedestrians), but it can also cause greater speed variance, which increases the odds of an accident.

Wind Can Lead to a Traffic Crash

Some drivers do not realize that strong winds can cause traffic accidents as well. For example, wind can blow debris on the road, stir up dust and blow snow. Wind can adversely affect a vehicle’s performance, cause lanes to become obstructed, and prevent a driver from seeing the road.

If someone’s negligence played a role in an accident that left you injured, a personal injury attorney can advise you of your options.