Why Do Some Car Accidents Result In Amputation?

Many car accidents are minor and may require you to see the doctor, take some pain pills, and wrestle through insurance claims. However, some accidents may leave you with permanent damage. This might mean damaged nerves in your extremities. It may also be paralysis if the accident resulted in a spinal cord injury.

Some accidents are catastrophic enough to leave one of your limbs damaged beyond repair and amputation may be the only option to move forward with your life.

Amputation injuries after car accidents

As WebMD details, there are several reasons why amputation may be the necessary solution. Severe injury or infection are the top two when referring to car accidents.

Catastrophic crushing injuries are commonly responsible. A head-on collision may risk your legs. A t-bone collision may pose risks to your arm facing that side. The big factor is whether the accident damages your blood vessels enough that it restricts circulation to your limbs. This causes tissue to die and become infected.

Dealing with the cost of permanent loss

While doctors attempt to save as much healthy tissue as they can during amputations, it still results in losing a part of you. No matter how small the amputated amount was, it is difficult to go back to normal afterward.

These amputations save lives, but they also leave you without something you have had your entire life. Surgery, recovery and prosthetics all have major costs. When your accident is the result of negligence, there may be options to recover those costs.