Signs That You Have A TBI

While many may know that a TBI is a traumatic brain injury, they may not understand what all of the symptoms are. The reality is that a TBI can have many symptoms, or just a few.

Something else to keep in mind is that these symptoms can be severe, or mild. Knowing more about TBI symptoms can help you to understand whether or not you or a loved one needs medical help.

Physical signs of a TBI

A TBI can have a range of physical symptoms. One common symptom is a headache. Some other common symptoms include dizziness, tremors, numbness, fatigue, and heightened sensitivity to light and to pain as well. These symptoms may change or worsen over time.

Mental and emotional signs of a TBI

The symptoms that come along with a TBI are not always physical. A TBI can lead to many cognitive and emotional symptoms, as well. For example, an individual with a TBI may be moodier, and prone to mood swings. Some may even feel that their overall personality has changed after a TBI. Those with a TBI may also find that they are less tolerant of stress and that they feel aggressive more often.

Dealing with a TBI can be difficult. This can be true whether you are dealing with one, or one of your loved ones. By knowing the signs of a TBI you can be more aware of what to look out for, and better understand when it is time to get professional help.