Jet Ski Crashes Can Result In Serious Injury And Death

During the boating season, frequent news reports cover serious jet ski crashes that cause both injury and death. The speed of the boat and its unprotected design can cause broken bones, head injuries and spinal injuries.

A look at a few accidents on the water makes the case for operators to use good judgement while on a jet ski.

A catalog of recent accidents

Newsweek reported on a fatal jet ski accident in the San Diego Bay during the afternoon hours. Four jet skis collided in this area, taking the life of a young man. Officials responded to the accident but could not revive the man. Multiple people also went to area hospitals for medical treatment.

Another jet ski incident, this time at the Stampede Reservoir near Sacramento, took the life of a man after lightning struck him. Emergency responders found his body about 20 yards near the reservoir shoreline.

A third accident, this time in New York, caused injuries to two people riding on a jet ski. The small vehicle struck a larger boat, due to driver inattention, resulting in the injuries.

A look at jet ski safety measures

Nationwide Insurance provides a few tips on personal watercraft safety, including making sure the boat has the required safety equipment on board. Owners of jet skis should also consider taking a boating safety course and follow this up with some practice on quiet and safe waters.

As with all fast vehicles, jet ski drivers should practice defensive driving. This includes keeping an eye on the weather and avoiding going out in storms. The power of jet skis requires operators to take extra care when out on the water.