3 Tips To Improve Rehabilitation After A TBI

A traumatic brain injury can disrupt your way of living and make it difficult to return to work and the things you enjoy doing. This type of injury is extremely common, and it affects many people in the U.S. every year.

According to Brainline, on an annual basis, 2.8 million people in the U.S. sustain a TBI. If you are one of the many undergoing the rehabilitation process after a brain injury, the following tips can help you enhance your recovery.

Get enough rest

After you sustain a TBI, sleep can play a role in helping your body heal and restoring the functions of your brain. By getting enough rest, you can improve your memory and ability to learn, as well as your ability to perform certain cognitive tasks. You can also enhance the quality of your sleep by sleeping at consistent times and not using screens excessively.

Do your therapy exercises at home

Following the accident, you may participate in occupational or physical therapy to improve your recovery. If your therapist recommends doing your exercises at home to help with the effects of your brain injury, take this seriously to continue your progress.

Eat a nutritious diet

If you have a TBI, your brain will need more energy than normal to continue the healing process. You can help fuel the recovery of your TBI by eating a nutritious, well-rounded diet that includes foods that support the brain.

Getting back to normal after a brain injury will not happen overnight. Be patient with yourself as you embark on the recovery process and remember that no two brain injuries are the same.