How Can You Prevent Road Rage?

In the U.S., aggressive driving can affect you as the aggressor or the victim. Since 2004, the rates of fatalities involving road rage have increased almost tenfold. About 1,500 people die every year due to road rage.

According to Defensive Driving, road rage can affect all people.

What does road rage include?

While most people can identify running a person off the road as road rage or pulling a weapon on another driver, they do not always know every type of aggressive driving.

For example, aggressive driving may include:

  • Erratic braking
  • Following too close
  • Cutting off cars
  • Honking for no reason
  • Flashing lights at slow drivers

Serious encounters may include a driver attempting to run another person off the road or a driver intentionally hitting another person or vehicle.

How can you avoid road rage?

To avoid road rage, try to drive as politely as possible. Do not cut off, tailgate or speed amongst other vehicles. If you encounter an aggressive driver, allow him or her to pass you. Even when angry, do not make rude gestures or press your horn. If you need to get the attention of a driver ahead of you, press the horn lightly. You do not have to remind others to drive safely, you need to ensure you drive safe.

You should not consider driving to be a competitive sport. Some drivers will make mistakes and remember that you make mistakes also. You should never take driving mistakes personally. If someone else drives aggressively, you may be able to contact a road rage hotline or dial 911 in case of an emergency or accident.