3 Reasons To Fight For What You Deserve

After an accident, many injury victims anticipate a low settlement offered by the insurance company. However, it might surprise you just how low that settlement offer really could be.

In the best cases, insurers base their first offers on statistical data that may or may not apply to your case. In some situations, particularly those that involve catastrophic injuries or losses of life, injury victims or loved ones will likely need to fight for anything that even approaches a fair deal.

Here are some of the reasons you might not get a fair settlement without a fight:

1. Broad assumptions may not apply to your case

Settlement offers come from many assumptions, some of which probably do not apply to your case. Together with your attorney, it is critical to show exactly how severe your injuries and pain are following the accident.

2. Negligent parties do not volunteer information

Some of the parties that contributed to your injury may not be immediately obvious. Your attorney might need to investigate the situation.

Getting what you deserve is not always straightforward. Multi-party cases are often complex. However, it is often worth the work — and there are even ways to maintain your quality of life while you pursue a full and favorable resolution of your case.

3. Insurers want to settle quickly, but often not fairly

Insurance companies ultimately look out for their bottom line, and do not make a habit of paying out large settlements. In most situations, the insurance company will attempt to settle your claim as quickly as possible — but in an amount that is almost certainly below what you deserve. In the case that you do not accept this initial settlement offer, the process may become drawn out and delayed, in an attempt to complicate the process to recover more compensation.

No matter how kind or helpful insurance adjusters may seem, it is important to scrutinize the details of their offers. Does the settlement secure you and your family? Does it truly make up for what you have lost? A personal injury attorney can help look into the specifics of your situation and advocate on your behalf.