Dangerous Grocery Store Conditions Can Lead To Serious Injury

On any given day, thousands of California shoppers visit their local grocery stores to purchase food and other essential items. For most of these shoppers, the shopping experience will be an uneventful one, but unfortunately, other shoppers will get more than they bargained for when an accident at the store causes them significant injury.

Grocery store hazards exist indoors and outdoors

Grocery store accidents typically occur as a result of a dangerous condition or hazard inside the store in aisles, restrooms, or checkout lanes, or outside the store in the parking lot or near the store entrance. Some of the most common hazards include:

  • Liquids or other substances spilled on the floor
  • Uneven carpeting or flooring
  • Loose or broken shelves
  • Defective shopping carts
  • Falling objects
  • Slippery or icy sidewalks

Store owners may be liable for accident-related injuries

Grocery store owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care to ensure that their customers are reasonably protected from harm and injury from the moment they enter the property until they leave. Store owners that breach this duty may be sued for negligence if a shopper suffers an injury caused by that breach. A breach of duty may include failing to supervise or train employees, failing to inspect the premises, or failing to make repairs and/or maintain the premises.

Slip-and-fall accidents and other incidents that occur at the grocery store can lead to catastrophic injuries. Filing a premises liability suit against the store owners liable for your accident can get you the compensation you deserve. A personal injury attorney in your area can review your case and help you decide what comes next.