Attorneys Robert A. Buccola And Steven M. Campora Have Been Jointly Nominated By The Consumer Attorneys Of California, As Trial Lawyer Of The Year Finalists For 2020

Robert A. Buccola and Steven M. Campora (along with co-counsel C. Brooks Cutter and John R. Parker) have been nominated for their 10 year fight and ultimate trial victory on behalf of a class of State Farm insureds who were the victims of systematic “over-depreciation” on their property loss claims as presented under homeowner and commercial insurance policies.

This trial “victory” now means all California insurance carriers, not just State Farm, must consider the “condition,” rather than the age only, of damaged personal property items when calculating depreciation on personal property settlement payouts.

The permanent effect of this legal determination prohibits California insurance carriers from financially squeezing its insureds at a time when they are typically most financially vulnerable.

As recognized by the CAOC, this decision will protect not only those harmed to date, but also many future generations of California insureds.