What Are The Leading Causes Of Plane Crashes?

Researchers with PlaneCrashInfo.com have spent the better part of the last 70 years documenting the known causes of nearly 1,100 plane crashes that have occurred during that time frame. They’ve included accidents that involved airliners that had at least a 19-passenger capacity that resulted in at least two individuals being killed. What has stood out among their data is that there are four primary causes of air crashes.

The aviation safety website has identified four common reasons for plane accidents. They include weather, mechanical failure, sabotage and pilot errors.

Weather factors that have most frequently resulted in plane crashes include heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms. Severe winds and wind shear have resulted in significant turbulence which has caused planes to crash. Poor visibility, icing and mountain wave have also been responsible for causing pilots to lose control of their airplanes.

There are a variety of mechanical failures that have caused planes to crash. Design flaws are chief among them. Structural, equipment and engine malfunctions are most notable among the mechanical failures that have resulted in catastrophic crashes.

Sabotage is sadly another common cause of plane accidents. Pilot suicide, hijacking and the ignition of an on-board explosive devices have all resulted in planes losing altitude and crashing. Planes have been shot down as well.

Pilot error is perhaps the leading cause of plane crashes. Many passengers have died because crewmembers failed to carry enough gas to adequately make a trip. Other incidents have happened because pilots missed or utilized the wrong runway. Significant numbers of crashes have also been caused by crew members following improper procedures, losing altitude too soon or fast or from their involvement in mid-air collisions.

There are a variety of factors that may result in an airplane crash. While some instances may be unpredictable such as inclement weather or sabotage, others can be avoided if crews are adequately trained and do their due diligence in maintaining their fleet. A personal injury in attorney in Sacramento can advise you of your right to request compensation if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence here in California.