Sacramento Roads Rank Poorly In Recent Report

Many things can impact safety out on the roads. This includes road conditions. What kind of shape are the roads in here in Sacramento? Not as good of shape as one might hope, according to a recent report.

The report, by the organization TRIP, looked at the condition of urban roads in a range of different U.S. metro areas, using federal data.

According to the report, of the urban roads in the Sacramento area, around 41 percent are in poor condition. This is higher than the national average. The study put 33 percent of major U.S. urban roads into the “poor condition” category.

Also, Sacramento was found to be among the large metro areas with the worst roads. It made the top 20 for poor urban road conditions among U.S. metro areas with a population 500,000 or higher. It took the No. 12 spot.

What is your opinion of the condition of the roads here in Sacramento? What do you think are some of the worst roads in the area? How about the best?

This serves as a reminder that, while there are safety-related things that are within a driver’s control, there are others that are not. And road conditions are just one of many things outside of a driver’s control that could have impacts on his or her likelihood of facing car crashes out on the roads. Another is the conduct of other drivers. Skilled auto accident attorneys can advise motorists harmed by factors outside of their control on what compensation-related actions they could take.