Compensation For California Wildfire Victims

Were You Injured In the Sonoma or Napa Valley Wildfires? If you have been injured in a California wildfire – or if a loved one has died – you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation. We can help you recover it. The Wine Country Wildfires, identified separately as the Tubbs, Atlas, Nuns, and Partrick fires, are responsible for a vast amount of damage.

If you have been injured in the fire, if you have lost a pet, or if a loved one has died, we can help you. We can deal with all of the insurance issues on your behalf and help you seek compensation to cover all related expenses.

Helping You Find The Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Our Firm’s History of Expert Wildfire Litigation

The Butte and Valley wildfires of 2015

The Butte and Valley wildfires were among the most destructive in California’s history. We obtained substantial recoveries for victims. Our clients have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for losses they sustained.

San Bruno Pipeline Explosion – PG&E Case

In 2010, we obtained a nonmonetary settlement from Pacific Gas and Electric Co., on behalf of clients that lost two family members in the San Bruno pipeline explosion.

Making a Difference For People Like You

We have obtained several multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts on behalf of explosion and fire injury victims and others.

The Benefits Of Working With Us

The devastation caused by the 2017 wildfires is almost too much to comprehend. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a wildfire death or injury and searching for an attorney to help, you should know a few things about our firm:

• You will receive caring, responsive service: You will not be left wondering about your case. We provide personal cell phone numbers so you can contact your attorney when you need to.

• We are not afraid to fight: We routinely handle tough personal injury cases that other law firms will not accept. We have represented fire, explosion, and burn injury victims in the past.

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