What Are The Stages Of Burn Injury?

Burn injuries can have serious and immediate impacts on the health of the victim. They can also have far-reaching and long-lasting repercussions.

What are the stages that a burn injury may progress through?

First-degree burns

Healthline takes a look at burn injury severity. The least severe type of burn injury is first-degree burns. These burns do not blister and generally just cause temporary redness to the skin. They may still feel quite painful.

Sunburns often fall into this category, along with temporary but more intense burns such as touching a hot plate or pan.

Second-degree burns

Partial-thickness burns will usually result in blistering and have a more serious impact than first-degree burns. These burns take longer to heal and will usually cause more pain than a first-degree burn.

The skin may also thicken, and a temporary loss or dulling of sensation to the area might follow.

Third-degree burns

These burns are the most severe. Also called full-thickness burns, they extend all the way to the inner layers of tissue. This will usually cause widespread thickening of the skin, along with a leathery texture. The skin may appear black or white.

Many victims with this type of burn do not feel pain due to the destruction of the nerve endings.

Fourth-degree burns

This is a rare form of burn, which has the signs of a third-degree burn but extend even further. The tendons and bones can end up impacted.

All burns should get the appropriate level of medical attention as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damages.