Which Safety Features Must Home Pools Have?

California enjoys temperate weather all year long, which means many homeowners have pools on their properties. While home pools add value and appeal, they can also be the cause of serious accidents. In some instances, these accidents result in loss of life.

That is why the state imposes certain laws on pool owners to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. According to The Orange County Register, all new or remodeled pools must have at least two of the following features to remain compliant.

Safety cover

Covers are often used to keep debris out of pools. While safety covers also perform this function, they go a step further by preventing children from falling into the pool when it is unattended. Safety covers are solid, so they will not buckle when pressure is applied. Safety covers should be installed any time the pool is not in use. They must also be a brand recognized by the state of California.


The pool area must have an alarm that alerts the homeowner when there is an unauthorized person on the premises. When pools are inside the home, exit alarms can be installed on doors directly leading to the pool area within the home.

Fencing and/or enclosures

Fences and enclosures must surround the pool and have a lockable, self-latching gate. They must also isolate the pool from the home. If the pool is located inside the home, doors leading to it must be self-closing and self-latching. The release or lock for the door must be situated at least 54 inches from the ground to prevent children from accessing it.

These regulations do not only protect homeowners with pools on their properties. They also protect neighbors and their young children, who might be tempted to use a pool without permission. When pools lack necessary safety features, the risk of accidents is much greater.