What Should You Do If You Get Hurt At A Sacramento Public Pool?

When days are hot in California, it can come as a welcome relief to visit a public pool. It doesn’t just serve the purpose of cooling you down, but it’s also a way to help your child get some energy out while they’re out of school for the summer. While it may be easy to think of a Sacramento area public pool as a fun place to visit, they pose many dangers for visitors. Would you know what to do if you or your child got hurt at one of these?

If you or your child get hurt at a public pool, then you’ll want to first seek out medical attention. You’ll then need to identify what caused your injury. If you’re going to be transported to a hospital, then you may want to enlist someone else to help you determine this. It’s important that you preserve evidence for a successful outcome in your case.

There are a lot of hazards that may exist in and around public pools. An individual may develop an infection because the water wasn’t properly treated. Loose, slippery or uneven tiles in and around the pool may result in a slip and fall. Sharp pieces of metal or faulty wires within poorly maintained pools may cause cuts and electrocutions. The dangers that come with using a public pool are extensive.

After determining what caused your injury at the pool, you’ll also want to find out who was responsible for maintaining it. There may be an outside company that’s been hired to do so or the government agency who runs it may require their employees to do it instead. Finding out this information is key to knowing who to file a lawsuit against to recover your medical costs and other expenses.

If the responsible party is a government agency, then you may have to notify them of your intent to sue before you can sue them. In such cases, you may only be allowed to file suit if they give you permission to do so. If you’re suing a third party, then you may be able to automatically file a claim. A personal injury attorney who has experience in litigating swimming injuries can help guide you in your case.