Treating Burn Injuries Can Quickly Become Costly

When asked to think about burn injuries, many people tend to think that the most serious ones result from an individual trying to escape a burning building. Most don’t realize that electromagnetic, thermal, chemical and electrical energy can all cause someone to suffer severe injuries as well.

There are three types of burns; first, second and third-degree ones. The two latter ones are the most serious.

Second-degree burns usually affect the outermost layer of an individual’s skin, known as the epidermis, and also the one underneath it, the dermis. The sites where these partial thickness burns often appear swollen or red, may be painful to the touch and are blistered.

Third-degree burns often cause irreversible damage to both the dermis and epidermis. If they’re serious enough that they destroy portions someone’s muscles, bones and tendons, then some doctors may refer to them as fourth-degree burns. Individuals who suffer these two types of full-thickness burns often don’t feel anything along the injured site because their nerves are destroyed.

The course of action that a Sacramento doctor will pursue in treating a burn injury victim varies depending on what percentage of their body has been affected by it. Long-term physical impairments that burn injury victims may be left with include scarring or disfigurement, amputations of their limbs, chronic infections and decreased mobility. Significant tissue or muscle damage can affect the functioning of the body’s systems.

California burn victims often have to endure rounds of pain management or occupational and physical therapy in order to regain functionality once again. Skin grafting and reconstructive surgeries may also be necessary depending on the severity of a victim’s injuries. All of this can be quite costly. A personal injury attorney can make a difference for people like you and help you recover the compensation that you deserve.