Spine Fusion Due To Rear-End Collision

Verdict: $1,449,618 | Sacramento County | Baldo v. Chuck Swift Dodge-Chrysler, et al.

Three years later, Ms. Baldo underwent a three-level cervical fusion due to the chronic pain and radicular symptoms in her right upper extremity. Her medical bills at the time of trial were $84,000 and her past wage loss was $50,000. Her expected future medical expenses were significant for a low back facet injury.

Plaintiff served a statutory offer for $299,000 on September 17, 2010. Defendants offered $60,000 up to the time of trial and then eventually offered $300,000. During trial, the offer went to $600,000. This was a five-day bench trial, and the Court awarded $1,146,549.82. The ultimate verdict and judgment paid by defendants totaled $1,499,618.