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Dreyer | Babich | Buccola | Wood | Campora, LLP Trusted And Experienced
Dreyer | Babich | Buccola | Wood | Campora, LLP Trusted And Experienced

Sacramento: 916-379-3500

San Jose: 408-275-1300

Carmel by the Sea: 831-293-6003

Orange County: 949-517-0425

Se Habla Español | Chúng Tôi Nói Tiếng Việt | Falo Português

Dreyer | Babich | Buccola | Wood | Campora, LLP Trusted And Experienced

Sacramento: 916-379-3500

Carmel by the Sea: 831-293-6003

Orange County: 949-517-0425

Se Habla Español | Chúng Tôi Nói Tiếng Việt | Falo Português

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Steven M. Campora Verdicts and Settlements

Excerpts on Notable Trial Verdicts / Settlements

Doe Plaintiff v. Doe Trucking Company

(Sacramento County – Wrongful Death)
Settlement: $4,300,000

The plaintiff’s spouse was killed in a trucking accident as the result of negligence on the part of a truck driver.

Hackett v. Silva Trucking, Inc.

(Sacramento County – Personal Injury/Loss of Consortium)
Settlement: $34,900,000

Robert Buccola, Steve Campora, Ryan Dostart and Robert Nelson represented Debra Hackett and William Hackett as the result of injuries sustained by Debra Hackett in a trucking accident. Debra sustained serious injuries and her husband, William, suffered a loss of consortium. The verdict is the largest personal injury award ever in Sacramento County; exceeding the previously largest injury verdict of $24.3 million – a case also tried by Robert Buccola and Steven Campora in 2010.

Jacobs v. Sacramento Regional Transit

(Sacramento County – Wrongful Death)
Settlement: $2,400,000

Robert Buccola, Steve Campora, and Jason Sigel obtained a wrongful death verdict of more than $2,400,000 in the case of Jacobs v. Sacramento Regional Transit. Mrs. Jacobs was killed by a left-turning bus at the intersection of 8th Street and Q Street in downtown Sacramento. Liability was hotly contested throughout the trial with RT’s lawyers contending that Mrs. Jacobs was jay walking at the time of the accident. As a result of the extensive forensic testimony put on at trial by the plaintiffs, the jury sided with the Jacobs family when they determined that Mrs. Jacobs was struck and killed while in the crosswalk.

San Bruno PG&E Gas Explosion

(San Mateo County Superior Court – Wrongful Death/Personal Injury)
Settlement: Confidential

On Sept. 9, 2010, a PG&E gas transmission line, located in a San Bruno, California, neighborhood, exploded. Eight people were killed and dozens were injured and lost their homes. Steve Campora and Robert Buccola represented several injury victims, including a family that lost both a wife and a daughter to the fire. On behalf of his clients and other plaintiffs in the coordinated action, Steve Campora completed more than 30 depositions of PG&E employees and witnesses. Through this discovery plaintiffs were able to establish that PG&E acted with a conscious disregard for the safety of the public and particular the victims of this tragedy. As part of the settlement of this case PG&E was required to put in place a fracture control plan designed to help prevent future accidents. The terms of the settlement remain confidential.

Argente v. Vallejo Housing Partners, Amerland and SimplexGrinnell, LP

(Sacramento County – Wrongful Death)
Settlement: Amount is Confidential

Plaintiff’s father, Mr. Argente, was killed in a fire at the Casa de Vallejo in Vallejo, California. The property owner, Vallejo Housing Partners, hired SimplexGrinnell, LP, to upgrade the fire alarm system. The work commenced on or about June 4, 2008, and on or about June 5, 2008, SimplexGrinnell, LP, disconnected the existing fire alarm system. Neither the property owners nor SimplexGrinnell, LP, notified the fire department that the system had been disconnected and there was no fire watch in place while the system was down. On Aug. 15, 2008, a fire occurred on the sixth floor of the complex. Because the system was disconnected, the tenants did not get notice of the fire. Mr. Argente lived on the sixth floor and died as the result of smoke inhalation. As part of the settlement of this case, SimplexGrinnell, LP, agreed to change its business practice regarding impairment of life safety systems to minimize the chance that losses, like this one, would occur in the future. SimplexGrinnell, LP, agreed to obtain written acknowledgment by the Owner, Authorized Representative, Lessee or Tenant of their responsibility to (1) notify the fire department of any planned impairment and (2) to implement mitigation measures, such as fire watch, at all times while the system is impaired.

Martinez v. SimplexGrinnell, LP and Truckee Pacific Associates

(Nevada County – Wrongful Death and Personal Injury)
Settlement: $7,100,000

Plaintiffs were tenants in the Henness Flats Apartments in Truckee, California. A grease fire occurred in the plaintiffs’ unit. As a result of the grease fire, the fire sprinklers in the unit discharged. Defendant, SimplexGrinnell, LP, had, to prevent freezing, filled the fire sprinkler system with a solution that was more than 70 percent glycerin. The use of this amount of glycerin was a violation of the National Fire Protection Association standards. When the fire sprinkler system discharged, the glycerin ignited resulting in a fire ball/explosion. The fire ball/explosion resulted in the death of the mother of minor children and severe burns to an adult male. As a result of this fire and explosion the National Fire Protection Association conducted testing and implemented new rules concerning the use of glycerin as anti-freeze in fire sprinkler systems. Plaintiffs brought claims against SimplexGrinnell, LP, and the property owners.

Noori v. Doe

Eastern District of California
Pro Bono Defense of Rape Victim

Steve Campora and Catia Saraiva defended a rape victim who was sued by her attackers, in federal court, following a criminal trial in which they were acquitted. An anti-SLAPP motion was filed on behalf the rape victim and the court granted the motion, found that the complaint was without merit, and awarded attorneys’ fees against the attackers.

Loza-Jimenez v. Freeway Transport, Inc.

(Sacramento County – Trucking Accident)
Verdict: $24,307,273.56

Plaintiff, a 9-year-old girl, was pinned beneath the rear duals for tractor trailer. She suffered severe injuries to her legs and buttocks. In a bifurcated trial, Robert A. Buccola and Steven M. Campora, were able to establish that the defendant was liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and then proceeded to damages where the jury awarded a record Sacramento County verdict of $24,307,273.56, including $20,000,000 of non-economic damages.

Allstate Class Action Case

(Sacramento County – Insurance Fraud)
Settlement: $70,000,000

Our office was lead co-counsel in a class action wherein the class plaintiffs alleged that Allstate arbitrarily and surreptitiously charged its insureds excessive premiums by unilaterally increasing their driving mileage projections to facilitate the premium increase.

PG & E Gas Explosion

(Sacramento County – Wrongful Death/Personal Injury)

Settlement: Confidential

As the result of the use of improper pipe, a gas line separate at a coupling resulting in gas migration into a nearby home. On Christmas Eve 2008 the home exploded killing a family patriarch and severely injuring his daughter and granddaughter. DBBCW was able to establish liability and successfully negotiate a resolution for the family and the injury victims.

Doe v. American Automaker and Other Defendants

(Northern California – Product Liability / Vehicle Negligence)

Settlement: $8,800,000

Plaintiff and her family members sustained severe injuries (with one fatality) when their motor vehicle rolled while traveling at freeway speeds. Plaintiffs alleged their vehicle was unstable and rolled as a result of defects in the vehicle. Plaintiff also alleged that negligence on the part of two other drivers caused the emergency maneuver which led to the rollover accident.

Hindman, et al. V. Sacramento Valley Scaffold Company, LLP, et al.

(Northern California / Product Liability)

Settlement: $6,500,000

The two plaintiffs proceeded forward on a product liability theory after being injured when a mastclimber collapsed, resulting in serious orthopedic injuries. As a result of this case, this dangerous and defective piece of equipment was taken off the market.

Lawrence v. Haas, et al.

(Tehama County – Construction Negligence)

Verdict: $3,436,780.54

The plaintiff, a helicopter mechanic, sustained a severe ankle injury when he and his co-workers were attempting to transport a solar panel that was to be installed as part of a home/ranch solar energy project when it fell on his ankle/foot. Plaintiff alleged that the accident occurred because the defendant contractor and solar panel fabricator failed to erect a safe support stand for the heavy solar panel causing it to “tip” and fall on plaintiff’s foot, when exposed to the rotor wash of the helicopter blades. Plaintiff’s trial attorneys were Robert A. Buccola and Steven M. Campora.

Doe Family v. NRR

(Yolo County – General Negligence)

Settlement: $5,250,000

Plaintiff heirs were the husband and children of a 37-year-old loving mother and wife who was killed while crossing at a grade crossing when her vehicle was struck by a utility maintenance vehicle. The crossing arms were not activated at the time of the accident.

Doe Plaintiff v. Doe Soda Company

(Sacramento County – Premise Liability / General Negligence)

Settlement: $2,600,000

The plaintiff was injured when a hand truck operated by Soda Company employee struck her foot and ankle area causing plaintiff to suffer disability from a regional pain syndrome phenomena.

Bohannon v. Sheedy Crane & Hoist, et al.

(Sacramento County – Construction Negligence / Product Liability)

Settlement: $4,800,000

Mr. Bohannon was a 35-year-old drywall construction foreman, husband and father, who fell to his death through what plaintiff alleged to be a faulty temporary elevator door. The decedent was working on what is now the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento.,

As a result of this case, this dooring system used by the defendant was permanently modified at all construction sites statewide.

Doe v. American Automaker

(Northern California – Product Liability)

Settlement: $3,700,000

Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that rolled on a rural roadway at about 45 mph. sustaining serious spinal injuries. The vehicle was allegedly unstable and had a defective roof.

Betterman v. Forklift Manufacturer, et al.

(Northern California – Product Liability)

Settlement: $3,500,000

The decedent, a husband and father of two grown children, died while operating a stand-up style forklift when his forklift collided with a horizontal racking assembly in a warehouse. Plaintiff alleged that decedent’s injuries occurred because the forklift manufacturer failed to protect the occupant compartment against horizontal intrusion into the passenger compartment.

Michael M. v. Doe Water District

(Northern California – Construction Accident / General Negligence)

Settlement: $3,175,000

Plaintiff suffered a severe spinal court injury when required to use what he alleged to be a defective hydrant testing device. Plaintiff alleged the testing device was not reasonably safe for the testing and caused plaintiff’s injuries.

Doe v. Auto Maker

(Northern California – Product Liability)

Settlement: $2,977,000

Plaintiff, a 32-year-old husband and father of two children, sustained a serious spinal cord injury when the roof of his SUV crushed in on him during a rollover accident that occurred at freeway speeds. Plaintiff alleged that he was injured because of a defective roofing system on the vehicle.

Doe v. American Automaker

(Northern California – Product Liability)

Settlement: $2,350,000

This wrongful death claim resulted from a rollover accident. The decedent’s heirs alleged that the defendants defectively designed the roof of the pick-up truck in which the decedent was a passenger. Decedent was a loving husband and father.

Chad B. v. Hoffman

(Sacramento County – Premises Liability)

Settlement: $1,500,000

Plaintiff, a new tenant visiting property for the first time, suffered a trip and fall accident on a raised area of concrete on a driveway and sustained an avulsion fracture of his ankle. The plaintiff developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as a result of his injury. Plaintiff alleged that the condition of the driveway was unreasonably dangerous and that the condition was known to the defendants who failed to take reasonable steps to correct the condition or warn plaintiff.

Karin D. v. State of California , Department of Transportation

(Solano County – Dangerous Roadway / Wrongful Death)

Settlement: $1,250,000

Plaintiff’s 19-year-old daughter was killed when a van crossed over a single cable median barrier, located on Highway 80 near Fairfield, and hit her daughter’s vehicle head-on. Plaintiff alleged that the single cable median barrier system of Caltrans was unsafe and the cause of her daughter’s death.

Ramirez v. Sierra Dredging

(Sacramento County – Construction Negligence)

Settlement: $1,000,000

Plaintiff was seriously injured when the outrigger leg of a cement pumping truck collapsed with plaintiff under it. Plaintiff alleged the collapse occurred because of improper soil compaction and grading.

Altamirano v. Flory Industries

(Stanislaus County – Products Liability)

Settlement: Confidential

The plaintiff suffered a traumatic amputation of his foot as the result of a defect in equipment manufactured by the defendant. DBBCW was able to successfully prosecute the action and resolve the matter to the client’s satisfaction.