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MasterCraft Boat Found Defective By A Butte County Jury

Verdict: $31 Million | Butte County | Bell v. MasterCraft Boat Company


This matter involved a four-month trial against MasterCraft alleging a defective product in terms of how they constructed the subject boat. Plaintiff was a passenger in the boat when, during the course of the operation, it took on water, and she was washed overboard and into the propeller, suffering a significant brain injury.

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Self-Employed Painter Hit

Settlement: $3 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Durston v. Valley Unit Utility

This matter involved a self-employed painter who was driving his vehicle, which was struck by defendant’s employee. The collision caused neck and back injuries. The defendant contested the nature and extent of the injury.

Electric Shock Resulted In Loss Of Arm

Settlement: $2.2 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Mariner v. Restaurant Depo

This matter involved an individual while he was in the course of his work coming into contact with a power line resulting in severe electrical shock, which resulted in the loss his left arm. Liability and comparative fault was contested by the defendants.

Vehicle Struck Median In Dangerous Condition

Settlement: $375,000 | Sacramento County | Lane v. City of Sacramento

Plaintiff sustained major injuries to her neck, low back and right shoulder when the vehicle she was a passenger in struck a median in the road which plaintiff alleged was a dangerous condition. Plaintiff further alleged that the city of Sacramento had knowledge that the condition was dangerous.

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Bad Faith Insurance Policy

Settlement: Confidential | U.S. District Court | Navarro v. Sears Life Insurance

After her husband died in a motor vehicle accident, plaintiff was denied life insurance benefits available to her through a life insurance policy sold to her by Sears. Knowing plaintiff was Spanish-speaking only, Sears provided the policy language in English and alleged that their policy included drop-down provisions, which limited the benefits plaintiff was to receive after her husband’s death in a privately owned vehicle.

Class Action Against Insurance Company (CSAA)

Settlement: $93 Million | Sacramento County | Johnson v. CSAA

This office was co-lead counsel in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of CSAA insureds who were involved in accidents with uninsured motorists. From 1998 through 2006, CSAA wrongfully collected deductibles from its insureds who were involved in accidents with uninsured motorists. The settlement to the case was valued at $93 million. Fully qualifying class members under this settlement will receive the entirety of the deductible amount wrongfully collected, plus interest at 10 percent per annum.

Class Action Lawsuit

Settlement: $70 Million | Sacramento County | Allstate Class Action Case

Our office was lead co-counsel in a class action wherein the class plaintiffs alleged that Allstate arbitrarily and surreptitiously charged its insureds excessive premiums by unilaterally increasing their driving mileage projections to facilitate the premium increase.

Truck Hit On The Side Of The Road

Settlement: $10 Million | Alameda County | Lewin v. Mutual Express Company, et al.

Decedent was cited for inattentive driving and for excessive speed when he drove into the rear of a disabled semi truck on a straight stretch of roadway on Highway 5. The evidence showed all other vehicles saw the truck and safely passed around it without incident and that the defendant had placed warning triangles that should have warned decedent that defendant’s truck partially blocked the slow lane of travel.

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Intoxicated Driver Lost Control Of Golf Cart

Settlement: $2 Million | Placer County Superior Court | Codero v. Marshall

This matter involved an incident where an operator of a golf cart, who was intoxicated, lost control and struck the plaintiff, resulting in a leg injury that ultimately became Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The plaintiff was married and had two children. The defendant contested the nature and extent of the injury.

Pedestrian’s Feet Run Over In Crosswalk

Settlement: $2 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Pontes v. Boehringer


This action involved a woman who was a pedestrian who had her feet run over while she was in a crosswalk and the defendant was making a right turn. She was knocked to the ground and also suffered a neck injury which resulted in surgery. This matter settled during the course of trial. The action dealt with the nature and extent of her injuries and also whether she was comparatively at fault.