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$23.2 million verdict for a Lake Tahoe Propeller Strike Injury in Admiralty Matter

Roger Dreyer and Anthony Garilli obtained a $23.2 million verdict in a court trial for a 22 year old woman who suffered an above the knee amputation of her leg.

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$7.2 Million Settlement With CHP

Plaintiff t-boned by CHP vehicle settles personal injury case after surveillance footage showed the officer ran a red light.

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$14 Million Electrocution settlement in Dixon, CA

As the boys climbed out of the canal, they grasped an energized metal railing and were electrocuted.

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Police Shooting Results in a $7mm Settlement

A Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed Chad Irwin, who was coming home to obtain his depression medication.

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12.5mm Settlement in Molestation Case

This action was against the Sacramento City Unified School District and the City of Sacramento for claimed failures to supervise and train its employee and others who had an obligation to supervise the abusive after school program worker.

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$406,000 Jury Verdict in Santa Clara County

Ms. B. was rear-ended on Highway 101 by the defendant Lorico Trucking Company. Ms. B was taken via ambulance to the emergency room and received injections into her cervical spine to address painful disc injuries.

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$6.5 Million Settlement of Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Intoxicated School District Employee

In 2013, at 1 p.m. in the afternoon, the School District employee struck Jane Doe and caused her vehicle to flip over onto the roof and slide down the roadway. She suffered injuries to her spine requiring fusion surgery.

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$1.1 Million Verdict / Judgment For Street Sweeper Collision

Ms. Tran, a self-employed aesthetician, suffered a minor traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as injuries to her cervical discs and facet joints. She had $131,000 in medical expenses.

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Aguirre v. Nissan North America – $36 Million

On August 29, 2012, Jose Aguirre was driving his 2000 Nissan Xterra to his place of employment. Upon entering the loading yard, he experienced a sudden, unexpected acceleration. Unable to control or stop his vehicle, Mr. Aguirre collided with a loading ramp, launching his vehicle into the air and ultimately into a parked trailer. He sustained catastrophic trauma to his spine, leaving him a tetraplegic.

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O’Kelly v. Bryant – $6.8 Million

On June 1, 2015, Peggy O’Kelly was driving her Ford Expedition on Highway 29 when she was rear-ended, pushing her vehicle into the vehicle stopped ahead of her. The defendant admitted 100% fault. Ms. O’Kelly suffered a mild traumatic brain injury resulting in visual and noise sensitivity, trouble sleeping, headaches with dizziness and nausea, difficulty problem solving, memory issues, speech issues with reduced fluency and sentence structure, difficulty comprehending what she read, and increased anxiety.

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Johnson v. Garcia – $3 Million

On March 3, 2014, Lonny Johnson was driving southbound on Interstate 680 when he slowed his vehicle to a stop for the vehicles ahead. Shortly thereafter, DAVIS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY’s employee failed to stop and rear-ended Mr. Johnson’s much smaller vehicle at a high speed, pushing his vehicle into the vehicle in front of him, another large pickup truck.

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Bedon v. Cheung – $88,000

On August 14, 2014, Ms. Bedon, 29 years of age and 26 weeks pregnant, was securing her four year-old son into the rear right passenger seat of her Chevy Tahoe. Suddenly and without warning, the Defendant backed out of his parking space, striking the door of Ms. Bedon’s vehicle, pinning and compressing her between her vehicle frame and her child’s car seat.

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$1 Million verdict for Motorcycle Collision

Mr. Newton struck a Comcast Cable van which had veered into his lane. While Comcast accepted liability for the collision and for the back injury, the extent of the injury was disputed.

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Goudie v. State of California – $7.5 Million

On March 28, 2016, Alice Goudie, a 64-year-old wife and mother of three, was driving home from work at 11:00 pm. While stopped with her brake lights illuminated, she was struck at 70 mph by an on-duty highway patrol officer. Ms. Goudie was pushed into on-coming traffic where her vehicle was again struck at high-speed. She was pronounced dead 16 minutes later. The officer admitted liability early in litigation, and the case was later settled for $7.5 million.

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$1.7 Million settlement after fall on passenger Light Rail Train

While boarding a train bound for her job downtown, Ms. Satchel tried to cross a metal bridge plate. The train operator quickly withdrew the plate before she could take her step, resulting in Ms. Satchel planting her foot into the narrow cement gap between the platform and the train. MRI imaging at the emergency room revealed a painful, complex injury to her leg, ankle and foot. Broken bones and a subsequent infection kept her in the hospital for weeks. Her injury was exacerbated by a pre-existing medical condition which made a long-term health resolution unlikely. Joseph Babich represented the client against the legal team at Sacramento RT. Evidence presented at trial, including security footage from the light rail train, showed the train operator had created a hazardous condition by moving the bridge plate as Ms. Satchel boarded. The parties agreed to a 1.7 Million settlement on the second day of trial.

$1.1 Million verdict in rear-end collision

Ms. Tran was rear-ended by a city sweeper truck while stopped at a traffic signal. The back of her car was crushed and she was pushed into the car in front of her. At the scene she was stunned and non-responsive. This lapse of consciousness would fuel concerns that she had suffered a mild brain injury and examinations would support those concerns. She also suffered from permanent vision loss and disc injuries in her spine. Ms. Tran was represented by attorneys Chris Wood and Larry Phan in a Sacramento courtroom. Despite over 50 hours of clandestine video being collected by the defense legal team, a jury weighed the testimony and physical evidence and awarded Ms. Tran more than $1 million.

Jury Returns $250,000 verdict in El Dorado County

After being involved in a rear-end collision with a passenger truck, Mr. Boswell was diagnosed with and treated for a fractured vertebrae in his thoracic spine. He was treated at the hospital and wore an orthotic brace for several months. Unfortunately, after the brace was removed Mr. Boswell continued to be limited in his movements. He experienced pain and muscle tingling for months and years after the collision. The pain subsided, but he was never able to regain the athletic form he had displayed before the accident. Liability for the incident was admitted, but the defendant’s legal team disputed the connection between the collision and the ongoing medical care and suffering of our client. The case was presented to a jury in an Auburn, CA courtroom by DBBWC attorney Larry Phan. The evidence and trial testimony revealed a clear correlation between the collision and the injury and suffering of the plaintiff. At the conclusion of a seven day trial, a jury awarded the plaintiff and his wife damages in the amount of $250,000.

$31 Million For Worker Who Fell From Dangerous AT&T Cell Phone Tower

car Fired

PHILADELPHIA – A $31 million settlement was reached in the summer of 2018 with AT&T and others for a worker employed by a national cell tower service company who suffered severe and permanent injuries when a ladder rung on an AT&T telecommunications cell tower dislodged, causing him to fall nearly 50 feet to the ground. The case settled days before trial was to begin and is reported to be the largest settlement ever reached on behalf of an injured cell tower technician.

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