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Why the Best Injury Law Firms Are Prepared To Go To Trial

Everyone would agree that settlement, mediation, or arbitration is preferred over trial, as it is quicker, less expensive, and less emotionally involved. However, if all pre-trial strategies fail, trial may be necessary to make our clients whole.

Our firm is comprised of experienced trial attorneys; each qualified to take a case to trial. In fact, we prepare each case as if trial is on the horizon, as we have found if the defense knows we are ready and willing to go to trial, more favorable pre-trial settlement opportunities arise. Our attorneys are willing to do the work to ensure our clients obtain the best possible outcomes.

We Are Not A Personal Injury “Settlement Firm.”

Some smaller, less experienced personal injury firms do not take cases to trial, as they lack experience, do not have the resources, or simply have a business plan built on quick settlements rather than trial. Defense firms are happy when they find out they are dealing with this type of firm, as they know they can settle the case for less without a real possibility of going to trial. Even if they were to go to trial, their lack of experience and resources will likely prevent them from obtaining a favorable verdict.

On the contrary, Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora will take a case to trial if necessary for a fair resolution of the case. Former clients, the legal community, defense firms, and judges can all confirm this. Our firm has the experience and resources to take a case to trial and obtain favorable results.

A Firm Ready And Able To Go To Trial

Trial requires countless hours of preparation, including scheduling, witness interviews, expert witness preparation, depositions, exhibit preparation, demonstrative preparation, opening/closing statements, jury selectio, and developing a powerful case theme and game plan. Not all firms can handle the workload of a trial. However, our firm is set up to successfully take cases to trial. Each attorney has a minimum of one law clerk, a secretary, and a litigation support team. The team provides the attorney with all the support needed during trial preparation.

Our Attorneys Are Skilled And Experienced

Our firm has successfully resolved hundreds of cases at trial and each attorney is qualified and ready to take a client’s case to trial. Obtaining a favorable verdict requires knowing the rules of civil procedure, rules of evidence, and the style of each defense firm and judge. This knowledge is critical to making our clients whole and we have it.

Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora takes a team approach to your case. Sharing the workload with a crew of experienced legal experts helps with any case, but it is particularly valuable when a case is headed to trial. Each team consists of multiple attorneys of differing experience as necessary to properly develop evidence and present a case. We have lawyers specializing in evidence, research, medical, engineering and economic analysis, as your case needs. We also bring in specialty consultants, to do what it takes to prove your case.

We Have What It Takes

The best trial attorneys are prepared, confident, calm and ready to face the judge and jury to fight for their client. Our level of preparation, over 30 years of trial experience, and knowledge the twists and turns of trial allows each one of our attorneys to step into a trial setting confident and adequately prepared to represent their client. Attorneys that lack the essential preparation and experience can easily be intimidated by the entire process and buckle in front of a judge or jury or when something unexpected happens at trial. Most defendants and defense attorneys do not like going to trial. Our attorneys are at home in a courtroom.

While going to trial does not guarantee a favorable result, you certainly have a better chance with our firm.