Hit Head-On By Drunk Driver

Settlement: $7.65 Million | Fresno County Superior Court | Smith v. Vista Verde Farms

She was further diagnosed as suffering from a mild brain injury. Dixie Smith suffered a complicated comminuted fracture of her right ankle. After her original surgery failed to fuse, she required an ankle fusion. She was able to return to teaching, but was unable to demonstrate to her students the dance maneuvers and aspects of performing onstage. Chalene Smith's economic damages were between $600,000 and $1.8 million, depending upon what impact her injuries would ultimately have on her ability to return to work. Dixie Smith's economic damages were $200,000. Chalene Smith's case settled for $5.75 million and Dixie Smith's case for $1.9 million for a combined settlement of $7.65 million.

Fresno Bee Article: Coalinga DUI victims settle with driver for $7.65 million