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Testimonials for Joseph Babich

  • Joe Babich Dear Joe Babich,
    I cannot thank you and the team enough for the representation you gave me from January 2015 to the present. I feel so blessed!!

  • Rosalie Hi Joe Babich,
    A very big thank you for the ‘debrief’ on the Stubbs v Haslett case yesterday. In that beautiful building with the stunning Greg Kondos artwork, in the company of like-minded companions, the discussion was interesting and provided me with much food for thought. My mind is still mulling over the questions and the strategic decisions made during this trial.

    When I first got notice to be a juror, I put it off twice because of other commitments. When I received my notice, I dreaded the call to actually come into the courtroom, hoping I would be dismissed and could call it a day without having to actually serve on a jury. I was even more annoyed when I not only was seated on the panel but was not dismissed. In theory, I recognized its importance. In reality, I only saw it as a disruption in my life. This particular trial has completely changed my view of jury duty. Sometimes an event like this can cause a shift in reality; the event becomes something so much bigger than my own small annoyance. This trial was that kind of event. Thank you for hanging in there with me as well as any of the other jurors who might have been reluctant participants. I’m pleased that you did not let us off the hook!

    I forgot to mention one thing: I did want to greet and express my concern to both of the Stubbs. I’m sorry I did not have that chance after the trial concluded. If you think it is appropriate, please send them my best wishes. Since I’m not an attorney, I can say it with conviction that my heart also goes out to Mr. Aslett. It’s difficult to know how to walk that fine line in a case like this. But like every other human being, I wish him only peace during this difficult time of his life.

    Thanks again, Joe Babich, for such an interesting three weeks. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet you and Heather and to serve on the jury. Trust me, it will not color whatever happens the next time I get called for jury duty! Good luck on your next trial.


  • Sally Joe Babich – Jury duty was good to me, as it brought me into the world of Joe Babich! Thanks so much for your help and talents to get me a just outcome. Thanks.

  • Vince & Rose Mosqueda Joe Babich, My family and I are truly thankful for all your hard work… Congratulations on winning Lawyer of the Year Award.
    – With deep thanks, Vince & Rose Mosqueda.

  • Barbara Meyer Dear Joe Babich, Steve and I would like to both THANK YOU for all your work and help in settling the case for the automobile accident that Steve was involved in. Although we would like for this accident to not happen by all means, we were grateful that this occurrence brought us together once again. We will be forever grateful for all that you did for us. Also, we would like to thank you for supporting the American River College Baseball Program. Your contribution is very much appreciated. We wish you and your family the best of luck in the future.
    Barbara Meyer.

  • Wendy Vang Dear Mr. Joe Babich, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for representing our case in the October 2008 charter bus crash. When losing a parent, this is one of the hardest times any person can face yet in light of that, by just doing what you do with much human-heartedness; this has helped paved the way for those who were still grieving to tread gently onward. Thank you for having kindly walked with us for a little while and in parting, we wish all the best to you and the firm on behalf of the family of Ma Lor Vang. Thanks again.
    Wendy Vang.

  • The Naranjo Family We would like to thank you for all your work and time spent on this case. If this world had more people like you this would be a better place. Thanks again.
    The Naranjo Family.