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Struck At ATM By Car

Settlement: $3.8 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Doe v. Wells Fargo Bank

This matter involved an individual who was a pedestrian at an ATM when he was struck from behind by an elderly driver who went over the curb. The claim was against the defendant for failure to provide protective devices around the ATM. The plaintiff was a single man who suffered the loss of his leg.

Motor Vehicle Collision Injury Caused Death

Settlement: $2.7 Million | Butte County Superior Court | Perrucci v. Deen

This matter involved an individual who suffered an injury to his shoulder as a result of the motor vehicle collision which ultimately resulted in his death while he was being operated on for the shoulder injury. It involved the death of a father and husband who was 40 years old. The defendants contested causation of the decedent’s death. The matter settled shortly before trial.

Motorcycle Tire Failed

Settlement: $2 Million | El Dorado County Superior Court | Mechem v. Classic Air Custom Motorcycles

This matter involved a motorcycle that had a tire failure and resulted in the death of the passenger/wife of the motorcyclist. This was a products liability action and alleged negligence on the part of the service company who performed maintenance on the motorcycle and installed the subject tire. The matter ultimately settled for the policy limits.

Car Hit By Escaping Horse

Settlement: $1.96 Million | Tulare County | Lucero v. Hanni

Here, the elderly plaintiff received significant orthopedic and other injuries when her vehicle struck an escaping horse from defendant’s poorly maintained equestrian property.

Mother Killed And Father Severely Burned In Grease Fire

Settlement: $7.1 Million | Nevada County | Martinez v. SimplexGrinnell, LP and Truckee Pacific Associates

Plaintiffs were tenants in the Henness Flats Apartments in Truckee, California. A grease fire occurred in the plaintiffs’ unit. As a result of the grease fire, the fire sprinklers in the unit discharged. Defendant, SimplexGrinnell, LP had, to prevent freezing, filled the fire sprinkler system with a solution that was more than seventy percent glycerin.

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Left Turn In Front Of A Motorcycle

Settlement: $3.5 Million | Sacramento County | Shukry v. Salas

Mr. Shukry was riding his motorcycle on Marconi Avenue when defendant Carole Salas made a left turn in front of him in her Ford Explorer. Mr. Shukry attempted to take evasive action and steer to the left but could not avoid the impact. Mr. Shukry sustained a mild to moderate brain injury and has permanent cognitive deficits as a result. The defendant had $3.5 million in insurance, and while the defendant claimed Mr. Shukry was not wearing an appropriate Department of Transportation approved helmet, policy limits were paid in full.

Vehicle Accident Caused Neck Injury

Settlement: $1.2 Million | Ventura County Superior Court | Hollon v. Westset/Poole

This matter involved a motor vehicle accident and neck injury that was settled shortly before trial. Plaintiff, a single mother of a special needs child and self-employed, was rear-ended and suffered a neck injury resulting in the need for surgery.

Pedestrian Struck By Bus In The Rain

Settlement: $2.75 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Tamblyn v. Preferred Charters

This matter involved an incident where a pedestrian was struck and suffered multiple injuries involving her legs and spine. The single, 62-year-old woman was walking through a driveway area in a rain storm and was struck by a turning bus. Defendants alleged comparative fault.

Sacramento Kings Player Injured On Workout Ball

Settlement: Confidential | Sacramento County | Sacramento Kings v. Perform Better Ball


2012kings2 This matter involved one of the Sacramento Kings being injured during the course of a workout routine when the defendant’s exercise ball failed. It resulted in an injury that prevented the athlete from competing for a year for the Sacramento Kings. The Sacramento Kings claimed that it suffered a loss for having to honor the contract for the athlete who was unable to play. The matter resolved in an extremely positive fashion for the Kings Franchise.

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Sacramento Radio Contestant Died Of Water Intoxication

Verdict: $16.6 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Strange v. Entercom Communications, et al.


2010strange1 This was an action involving the highly publicized death of a 28-year-old mother of three who was married. She was a participant in a “hold your wee” to win a Wii which turned into a water drinking contest run by a local radio station. The contest resulted in the decedent consuming a large quantity of water that ultimately resulted in significant brain hemorrhaging and her death.

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