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Pedestrians Struck By Hit-And-Run Motorist

Settlement: $1.075 Million | Placer County | Albert v. Stanley

Here two pedestrians were struck by a hit-and-run motorist and sustained soft tissue and minor orthopedic injuries as well as significant emotional distress.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Settlement: $1.1 Million | Sacramento County | Dour v. Fainstorth

Plaintiff sustained serious orthopedic injuries in a broadside motor vehicle accident.

Construction Accident Caused Ankle Injury

Settlement: $1.1 Million | Sacramento County | Winston v. Monterey Crane

Plaintiff sustained an ankle injury while off-loading metallic beams allegedly as a result of crane operator error during the beam removal process.

Neck Injury Caused By Car Accident

Settlement: $1.2 Million | Contra Costa County | Simone v. Eldon

Plaintiff, an accomplished professional scuba diver, sustained a neck injury requiring surgery in a head-on motor vehicle accident.

Neck Injury Requiring Surgery

Settlement: $1.25 Million | San Mateo County | Barlo v. Fairbanks

A 44-year-old artist suffered a neck injury requiring surgery. The defendant contested whether plaintiff’s medical care was necessitated by the accident.

Rear-End Accident Caused Low Back Injury

Settlement: $1.3 Million | Sacramento County | Conner v. State Farm Auto

Here, a 43-year-old contractor sustained a low back injury in a minor rear-end vehicle accident, requiring surgery.

Passenger In Car That Was In An Accident

Settlement: $1.5 Million | Sacramento County | Samuels v. Wilka Stable and Coral

Plaintiff was injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle in the early morning hours when a horse escaped from its corral and was struck by plaintiff’s vehicle resulting in serious physical injuries.

Passenger Suffered Closed-Head Injury

Settlement: $1.8 Million | Santa Barbara County | Sword v. Conduit

Plaintiff was a passenger in a car driven by a friend that allegedly hit black ice and left the roadway. Plaintiff suffered a closed head injury from which defendant claimed she made a full recovery.

Brain Injury From Weak Rear Body And Trunk Assembly In Sedan

Settlement: $2.4 Million | Sacramento County | Sanchez v. American Automaker

Here, a 7-year-old by sustained a brain injury, as a result of an alleged “weak” rear body and trunk assembly of the sedan he was occupying.

Rear Ended At 50-60 MPH

Settlement: $3.6 Million | Sacramento County | Parken v. Vasquez

Plaintiff sustained major injuries to his neck, low back and shoulder when he was rear ended at approximately 50 to 60 miles per hour. In an attempt to deny liability, the defense alleged that the defendant was hit by a phantom motorist causing her to lose control before striking plaintiff. Defense counsel “vowed” they would never lose the case and made no offer. The jury saw things differently.