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San Bruno PG&E Gas Explosion Requiring PG&E To Change

Settlement: Confidential | San Mateo | Greig v. PG&E


On April 15, 2011, James and Gabriela Greig filed an action against Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) following the tragic deaths of loving wife, Jacqueline Greig, and daughter, Janessa Greig, which occurred during the San Bruno pipeline explosion of September 9, 2010.

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Truck Driver Injured Unloading Beams

Verdict: $3 Million | El Dorado County Superior Court | Morgan v. SMC Contracting


This matter involved a construction accident where plaintiff was the truck driver involved in off-loading of large beams. In the process of off-loading, beams were dropped on the plaintiff by a forklift operator who claimed to be an employee of one of the defendants. Comparative fault against him was a significant issue. Defendants also disputed liability and the forklift operator’s employment with defendants. The matter went to trial and was settled in the third week of trial.

Sacramento Regional Transit Liable For Bus Accident

Verdict: $2.4 Million | Sacramento County | Jacobs v. Sacramento Regional Transit District

A Sacramento County jury found Sacramento Regional Transit District liable for the wrongful death of Joyce Jacobs and awarded her husband, John Jacobs, and son, Anthony Jacobs, more than $2.4 million in damages. The verdict came nearly five years after Mrs. Jacobs was killed by a left-turning RT bus at the intersection of 8th Street and Q Street in downtown Sacramento.

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Spine Fusion Due To Rear-End Collision

Verdict: $1,449,618 | Sacramento County | Baldo v. Chuck Swift Dodge-Chrysler, et al.

Robert Swift, who was the owner of Chuck Swift Dodge-Chrysler, Inc. in Sacramento, California, rear-ended Ms. Baldo at a red light on February 22, 2008. Ms. Baldo suffered injuries to her cervical spine, right shoulder and right hand. She went on to have arthroscopic surgery on her shoulder and carpal tunnel release on her right wrist.

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Hit By Car Turning Left

Settlement: $3.9 Million | Alameda County Superior Court | Rinetti v. Hall

This matter involved an individual who was struck by a vehicle making a left-hand turn. This resulted in the plaintiff suffering from neck and back injuries, including surgical intervention. Defendant was an elderly woman and issues of insurance coverage were addressed in this action. The nature and extent of injuries were contended by defendant.

Quadriplegic Injury For Diving Incident And Improper Removal From Pool

Settlement: $3.5 Million | Stanislaus County Superior Court | Baker v. Modesto City Schools District


2011baker2 This swimming pool diving incident occurred on October 18, 2008, and resulted in the then-17-year-old plaintiff becoming a quadriplegic. The client was a student at Buhach Colony High School in Atwater, and was participating in a water polo tournament at the campus of Peter Johansen High School in Modesto, which is part of the defendant school district.

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Hit At The Y In South Lake Tahoe

Settlement: $4.5 Million | El Dorado Superior Court | Abbott v. South Tahoe Refuse Co., et al.


2012abbott2On August 22, 2006, defendant was driving a Ford F250 truck owned by his employer, South Tahoe Refuse Co. The truck collided with plaintiff’s vehicle in the intersection of Highway 89 at Highway 50 (also known as Lake Tahoe Boulevard at Emerald Bay Road) in South Lake Tahoe. The force of the broadside impact caused injuries to plaintiff to her neck, back and left shoulder.

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Bicyclist Struck By Car Turning Left

Settlement: $5.4 Million | San Francisco County Superior Court | Massey-Todd v. Wiley

This matter involved a bicyclist who was struck by a left-turning vehicle and suffered an arm injury and claimed brain injury. The arm injury involved significant reduction in function and use of her non-dominant arm. The brain injury and impact on cognition was also disputed. Defendant also contested liability and that plaintiff should have avoided the impact.

SUV Forced Off The Road By 18-Wheeler Big Rig

Verdict: $2.9 Million | Sacramento Superior Court | Arenas v. UPS Ground Freight, Inc.



The UPS truck was southbound on I-5 near Redding and began to change lanes into the No.1 lane. The decedent’s Ford Explorer was located in the No.1 lane approaching the rear of the UPS truck. The rear of the UPS truck entered into the No.1 lane, and the left side of the UPS rear trailer either struck the right side of the decedent’s Ford Explorer or caused her to swerve to her left to avoid being struck.

Trucking Accident Caused Massive Injury

Verdict: $24,307,273 | Sacramento County | Loza-Jimenez v. Freeway Transport, Inc.

Trucking Accident

Plaintiff, a 9-year-old little girl, was pinned beneath the rear duals of a tractor-trailer. She suffered severe injuries to her legs and buttocks. In a bifurcated trial, plaintiff proved that defendant was liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and obtained a record Sacramento County personal injury damage verdict of $24,307,273, including $20 million of pain and suffering damages.

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