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Construction Equipment Failed

Settlement: $5.4 Million | Sacramento County | Toniel v. Heavy Equipment Manufacturing & Valley Repair Services, Inc.

This was a case where a metallic failure on construction equipment failed causing the death of a loving husband and father. Defendant alleged that the accident was due to equipment misuse operation and maintenance failures and urged that no single similar alleged failure had ever before been alleged in the 40-plus-year history of the use of the equipment.

Collided With Transport Truck

Settlement: $2.9 Million | Colusa County | Juardo v. Fisher Trucking and Transport

Here, two Hispanic farm workers were killed when operating their motor vehicle on a rural road, allegedly with dim or no headlights, when they collided with a transport truck just before dawn.

Foot Amputated By Equipment

Settlement: Confidential | Stanislaus County | Altamirano v. Flory Industries

The plaintiff suffered a traumatic amputation of his foot as the result of a defect in equipment manufactured by the defendant. DBBCW was able to successfully prosecute the action and resolve the matter to the client’s satisfaction.

Vehicle Rollover

Settlement: $8.8 Million | Northern California | Doe v. American Automaker

Plaintiff family members sustained severe injuries (with one fatality) when their motor vehicle rolled traveling at freeway speeds. Plaintiffs’ alleged their vehicle was unstable and rolled when it should not have and that other vehicle operator negligence contributed to the accident.

Impaled By Guardrail Post In Car Accident

Settlement: $3.65 Million | Humboldt County | Brandon v. State of California, et al.

A 19-year-old girl was severely injured when, after losing control of her car, she struck a guard rail and was impaled by a guardrail post. Plaintiff contended and proved that the State of California and roadway contractors failed to comply with required guardrail construction practices resulting in the failure of the guardrail and plaintiff’s serious injuries.

Pedestrian Killed By Bus In The Crosswalk

Verdict: $4.6 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Giannoni v. Sacramento Regional Transit District


This involved an incident where a wife and mother of two adult daughters was in a crosswalk when she was struck by a Sacramento Regional Transit Bus. This case involved essentially a jury valuing the loss of a wife and mother who was in her mid-50s. Pretrial offer was $2 million.

Spinal Injuries From Car Accident

Settlement: $450,000 | Sacramento County | Birch v. Solis

The case settled on the morning of trial, for $450,000, following Allstate’s refusal to pay their insured’s $50,000 policy limits when the injury victim sustained serious spinal injuries in a car accident.

Road Design Causes Bicyclist To Get Hit By Car Exiting The Freeway

Settlement: $7.5 Million | Undisclosed Superior Court | Confidential Northern California Public Entity

This matter involved a 50-year-old bicycle enthusiast who was operating his bike on a road in a Northern California county at its intersection with an off-ramp off of an interstate. An individual came off the highway and stopped at the stop sign and then proceeded into the intersection right in front of the bicyclist. The public entity took the position that the driver of the vehicle was responsible for the incident.

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Falling Merchandise Resulting In Neck And Shoulder Surgery

Settlement: $500,000 | Sacramento County | Koll v. Wal-Mart

The 46-year-old plaintiff was injured when improperly stacked boxes of books fell and struck her head, neck and shoulder. Due to ongoing neck and shoulder symptoms, plaintiff underwent a cervical fusion and shoulder arthroscopy.

Stopped Vehicle Rear-Ended At 50 MPH And Caught Fire

Settlement: $1.9 Million | Shasta County | Vallejo v. Terzian

The Vallejo family was stopped to make a left turn into a driveway off of westbound Highway 299 just east of Shasta College. While stopped and waiting for traffic to clear, the Vallejo family was rear-ended at 50 miles an hour by defendant Terzian. The Vallejo vehicle immediately caught fire causing burn injuries to all three occupants. In addition, Mark Vallejo suffered an injury to his cervical spine which required a single-level spinal fusion. The case settled for $1.9 million.