Congratulations to Partner Robert Bale for being selected for the 2021 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year by the Daily Journal for his work on litigation related to the Ghost Ship fire.

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Se Habla Español | Chúng Tôi Nói Tiếng Việt | Falo Português


Sacramento: 916-379-3500

San Jose: 408-275-1300

Carmel by the Sea: 831-293-6003

Orange County: 949-517-0425

Se Habla Español | Chúng Tôi Nói Tiếng Việt | Falo Português


Sacramento: 916-379-3500

San Jose: 408-275-1300

Carmel by the Sea: 831-293-6003

Orange County: 949-517-0425

Se Habla Español | Chúng Tôi Nói Tiếng Việt | Falo Português

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Craig C Sheffer verdicts and settlements

Excerpts on Notable Trial Verdicts / Settlements

Williams v. PG&E and Central Valley Produce

(San Francisco County – General Negligence)
Settlement: $13,500,000 ($7,000,000 from PG&E and $6,500,000 from Central Valley Produce)

This case involved a 17-year-old who received a bilateral arm amputation while removing rain gutters from an industrial warehouse when the mast of a forklift made contact with overhead electrical lines owned and maintained by PG&E. The lines were alleged to have been only 6 inches out of clearance compliance.

Baker v. Big O Tires, American Racing Equipment, Inc., et al.

(Nevada County / General Negligence – Product Liability)
Settlement: $10,070,000

Here, a 39-year-old veterinarian sustained a serious closed head injury when her vehicle was struck by an errant truck tire that had come off a vehicle traveling from the opposite direction of plaintiff’s travel on Interstate 80.

Stevenson v. Keith and Financial Pacific

(Sacramento County / Vehicle Negligence)
Settlement: $6,000,000

Defendant Keith was an attorney and habitual drunk driver who caused this motor vehicle accident, seriously injuring the 40-year-old plaintiff, while operating his vehicle at a .28 blood alcohol level.

Stagis v. Drug Store

(Sacramento County / Premise Liability)
Judgment: $4,633,422

Plaintiff, an out of state resident, slipped and fell in a spill of disputed origin in defendant’s store while shopping for personal items. Plaintiff suffered a non-surgical lumbar disc injury that made it very difficult for her to work full-time as a physician she had routinely done prior to the accident.

Betterman v. Forklift Manufacturer, et al.

(Northern California / Product Liability)
Settlement: $3,500,000

The decedent, a husband and father of two grown children, died while operating a stand-up style forklift when his forklift collided with a horizontal racking assembly in a warehouse. Plaintiff alleged that decedent’s injuries occurred because the forklift manufacturer failed to protect the occupant compartment against environmental intrusion.

Crawford v. County of Mariposa Sheriff/State of California

(Mariposa County / Vehicle Negligence – Governmental Entity)
Collective Settlement: $2,600,000

Plaintiffs were struck head on by a Mariposa County Sheriff traveling at high speed on Highway 49. The sheriff’s vehicle was alleged to have been traveling pulled out in excess of 75 MPH, for no urgent reason, when an elderly motorist allegedly came from a feeder road causing the sheriff to swerve out of his lane and into plaintiffs’ vehicle. Here, two plaintiffs suffered serious orthopedic injuries.

Doe v. American Automaker

(Northern California / Product Liability Case)
Settlement: $2,350,000

This was a wrongful death rollover accident that was alleged by decedent’s heirs to have resulted when a defectively designed roof on a pick-up truck collapsed, killing the decedent who was a passenger. Decedent was a loving husband and father.

Ramos v. Johsgard, Aircon

(Santa Clara County / Vehicle Negligence)
Settlement: $2,100,000

The decedent, a husband and farther of three children, died when an employee/owner of Aircon lost control of his Corvette while taking the decedent on a “joy ride.” The company unsuccessfully asserted that Johusgard was not on the job at the time of the crash, and therefore it was not responsible of the death.

Ashe v. Tenco

Shasta County / Product Liability)
Settlement: $1,550,000

This was a product liability case involving sheared bolts on a cherry picker man lift. Plaintiff alleged that inadequate metallic stress tolerances of bolts securing the rotating base of the lift mechanisms were the cause of the failure. Plaintiff suffer orthopedic and a closed head injuries.

Zoglio v Moorefrield Construction et al.

(El Dardo County / Construction Negligence)
Settlement: $1,400,000

Plaintiff, an elderly woman, sustained serious back injuries, requiring surgery, when a construction site fence blew over on her as she was walking on a sidewalk adjacent to a construction site in South Lake Tahoe.

Hill v. Clark Equipment Co. and Bremco Construction

(Sacramento County / Product Liability – Construction Negligence) Settlement: $1,200,000

Plaintiff was a 29-year-old construction laborer who suffered serious physical injuries when he was hit by a very slow moving paddle wheel scraper on a construction site.

Brasher v Del Webb, Northstar Plumbing

(Sacramento County / Construction Negligence)
Settlement: $1,050,000

Plaintiff sustained serious knee and neck injuries when he stepped backward into an uncovered 15-inch diameter pipe that was sunk vertically into an unfinished driveway on a tract home construction site.

Ramirez v. Sierra Dredging

(Sacramento County / Construction Negligence)
Settlement: $1,000,000

Plaintiff was seriously injured when the outrigger leg of a cement pumping truck collapsed with plaintiff under it. Plaintiff alleged the collapse occurred because of improper soil compaction and grading.