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Third-degree burns: A physical and emotional journey

Third-degree burns are serious medical emergencies that must be treated as such. These can happen in a variety of situations. They can be caused by an explosion, such as a gas pump or tank blowing up, or by something like a forest fire. No matter how they are caused, the treatment plan for them is usually a lengthy and intense one.

Five common slip-and-fall accidents

Walking hazards and pedestrian safety risks are not always obvious. A trip, slip or fall can produce a long-lasting injury--or even one that leaves you with a permanent disability. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 8 million people per year in the U.S. visit an emergency room as the result of a fall.

The City of Sacramento pays a wheelchair-bound woman $300,000

On May 13, the City of Sacramento released documents acknowledging that their office had recently settled a lawsuit filed against them. Their records show that they paid a plaintiff $300,000 back in February for injuries that she suffered on a city sidewalk. She was seriously hurt when she was thrown from her wheelchair after coming upon uneven pavement on a downtown sidewalk back in 2014.

Every day, 9 people die because of distracted driving

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that distraction behind the wheel isn't a threat. When people go on social media, take pictures, watch videos and send text messages, they put everyone in danger. Even if it feels safe to do it for "just a second," it's not.

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