Out-Of-Hand Grease Fires Often Maim, Kill Victims

National Fire Protection Association data shows that Thanksgiving Day followed by Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are when the largest number of kitchen home fires occur. While you would expect electrical equipment, wood, paper or trash to cause these blazes, they’re not the top reasons that fires occur. Instead, house fires often get started because of grease in a pan on a stove.

Although many of us who have watched Sacramento firefighters have been conditioned to believe that water is the best way to put out a blaze, it’s not what you want to use to put out any type of fire, such as a grease one. The reason that you shouldn’t do this is because any time that you add water to a hot pan with oil in it, it has the potential of causing a fire to escape from it. If this occurs, then the flames may overcome you.

When cooking with oil, you should aim to keep a lid handy that you can use to quickly extinguish a small grease fire before it gets out of hand. Once the pan has been covered and your body is not in the direct line of flames, you’ll also want to cut the burner off. You should only attempt to remove the lid once you’re sure that the pan has cooled down.

If you don’t have a lid for your pan to aid in extinguishing a grease fire, then hopefully you have a fire extinguisher on hand. If you don’t, then you’ll want to purchase a Class B or kitchen use one to protect you should a blaze get underway in the future.

When using it, it’s best to step back as much as six feet from the source of the fire and then for you to use the P-A-S-S method, which incudes pulling the pin out, aiming low, squeezing and sweeping the blaze until it’s fully out.

Burn injuries often leave behind far more than visible or emotional scars. Victims are often left behind with disabling injuries or die from secondary infections. In these types of cases, you’ll want a highly skilled personal injury attorney representing you who has made a difference for numerous people like you throughout the state of California.