Jury Returns $250,000 verdict in El Dorado County

After being involved in a rear-end collision with a passenger truck, Mr. Boswell was diagnosed with and treated for a fractured vertebrae in his thoracic spine. He was treated at the hospital and wore an orthotic brace for several months. Unfortunately, after the brace was removed Mr. Boswell continued to be limited in his movements. He experienced pain and muscle tingling for months and years after the collision. The pain subsided, but he was never able to regain the athletic form he had displayed before the accident. Liability for the incident was admitted, but the defendant's legal team disputed the connection between the collision and the ongoing medical care and suffering of our client. The case was presented to a jury in an Auburn, CA courtroom by DBBWC attorney Larry Phan. The evidence and trial testimony revealed a clear correlation between the collision and the injury and suffering of the plaintiff. At the conclusion of a seven day trial, a jury awarded the plaintiff and his wife damages in the amount of $250,000.