Defectively Designed Intersection In Roseville

Settlement: $2.86 Million | Placer County Superior Court | Curtis v. City of Roseville

She was cited for failing to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. Through investigation and discovery, plaintiffs were able to prove that the intersection was defectively designed in that when a vehicle was opposite a left-turning vehicle like Ms. Williams, that driver's view of oncoming traffic would be blocked due to the curvature of the road. The city of Roseville contended that it was immune from prosecution in that the design of the intersection was approved by the appropriate governing agency and, therefore, it was afforded design immunity protection. Further, the city of Roseville contended that the accident was 100 percent Ms. Williams' fault and that she failed to make certain that the intersection was clear before she made her left turn. The matter was mediated at the city of Roseville's request and settled two days before the case was set to proceed to trial. The city of Roseville paid $2.5 million of the settlement, with the remaining amount coming from the policy limits of Ms. Williams and the vehicle that hither, which was alleged to have been traveling too fast for the conditions.