Construction Site Injury

Settlement: $950, 000 | Napa County | Castillo v. E. Kent Halvorson, Inc. et al.

Mr. Castillo sustained a right knee injury as well as a low back injury. He underwent two arthroscopic procedures on the right knee and had to have epidural steroid injections in his lumbar spine. At the time of trial, Mr. Castillo had $50,000 in medical expenses and $200,000 in income loss.

Defendant E. Kent Halvorson was the general contractor and defendant John Benward Company was the underground contractor who installed the drain inlets and catch basins. The two defendants pointed the finger at each other with respect to who was responsible for properly covering the drain inlets and catch basins. Each defendant claimed that the other had the responsibility to make sure it was covered with metal as opposed to plywood and make sure it was safe for other contractors. Ultimately, E. Kent Halvorson paid $500,000 and John Benward Company paid $450,000 to avoid trial.