Car Pulled Out In Front Of Motorcyclist On Highway

Verdict: $6.7 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Yslas v. Sacramento Rendering Company

There were other witnesses who observed the motorcyclist traveling at a speed well in excess of the posted speed limit and passing vehicles in the half-mile prior to the subject accident location. Plaintiff's position was that it did not matter whether he had been speeding or had been passing the vehicles before the intersection; he was in a position to be seen and, therefore, the defendant was negligent in pulling out and failing to yield the right of way to him. Defendant testified that due to the motorcyclist's speed and passing maneuvers, he had not seen Mr. Yslas. The jury returned a unanimous verdict that the defendant was negligent, and while the motorcyclist was negligent for traveling too fast, that negligence was not the cause of the collision. The sole cause of the collision was the defendant's negligence. The jury awarded $1.2 million in economic losses for future economic support of the Yslas family and $5.5 million in noneconomic damages to the wife and three children, for a total verdict of $6.7 million. Defendant's insurance carrier offered $2 million prior to trial. Plaintiffs were entitled to $1.5 million on top of the verdict because the verdict exceeded a demand that had been made two years prior to the trial. At the time of this verdict, it was believed to be the largest wrongful death verdict in Sacramento County history.