$2.5 Million Judgement Against Motel 6 For Unsafe Walkway

Verdict: $2.5 Million | Orange County | Jessica T. v. Motel 6 (AIG Insurance)

Jessica T. slipped and fell on a puddle of water on a walkway at Motel 6 in Anaheim, California. As a result of her fall, she suffered a fractured patella. She underwent three surgeries on the knee before she was advised by her treating physician that a total knee replacement was her last remaining option.

In hopes to avoid a total knee replacement, Jessica T. consulted with a pain management specialist to explore further options. Due to her diabetic condition, steroid injections were not an option for her so stem cell injections were used to control her pain. The stem cell injections were successful in eliminating her pain but did not help the limited range of motion and contracture in her knee.

Defendant Motel 6 argued that the stem cell injections were "experimental" and were not proven to provide long term pain relief. Therefore, Jessica T. should not be reimbursed for those injections going forward. Defendant relied up on Dr. Kevin Triggs as their medical expert. He testified that the patella fracture had healed completely and left no residuals. He also testified that his experience was that stem cells were not effective in providing long term relief. These opinions were completely rejected by the fact finder.

Pre-Trial Offer: $150,000
Verdict / Judgment: $2.5 million
Orange County Superior Court: 9 day trial

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