12.5mm Settlement in Molestation Case against City of Sacramento & Sacramento City Unified School District

This was a sex abuse and molestation case against the SACRAMENTO CITY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT & THE CITY OF SACRAMENTO involving their former employee Joshua Vasquez. Vasquez was ultimately convicted and is serving 140 years in prison for the abuse. The minor plaintiff, who was 7 years old when the abuse started, was represented by the law firms of Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood and Campora as well as the Law Offices of Joe George.

This action was against the Sacramento City Unified School District and the City of Sacramento for claimed failures to supervise and train its employee and others who had an obligation to supervise Mr. Vasquez. These claimed failures, along with the failure to protect the minor from molestation, happened while the minor was a student at Mark Twain Elementary and a participant in an after school program run by the City called START. The abuse occurred in a classroom at Mark Twain Elementary during the school years of 2014/2015 & 2015/2016. The case settled on the second day of trial while before the Honorable Kevin Culhane for $12.5 mm globally with SCUSD agreeing to pay $5mm and The City of Sacramento agreeing to pay $7.5mm. Important and critical to the settlement was that both defendants have agreed to specific and meaningful changes in their training and education program for their staff. The matter had been assigned to the Honorable Ben Davidian to supervise settlement discussions and was reached after a day and a half of discussions mediated by Judge Davidian.


Training Protocol to be adopted Conditions of Resolution

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