$1.7 Million settlement after fall on passenger Light Rail Train

While boarding a train bound for her job downtown, Ms. Satchel tried to cross a metal bridge plate. The train operator quickly withdrew the plate before she could take her step, resulting in Ms. Satchel planting her foot into the narrow cement gap between the platform and the train. MRI imaging at the emergency room revealed a painful, complex injury to her leg, ankle and foot. Broken bones and a subsequent infection kept her in the hospital for weeks. Her injury was exacerbated by a pre-existing medical condition which made a long-term health resolution unlikely. Joseph Babich represented the client against the legal team at Sacramento RT. Evidence presented at trial, including security footage from the light rail train, showed the train operator had created a hazardous condition by moving the bridge plate as Ms. Satchel boarded. The parties agreed to a 1.7 Million settlement on the second day of trial.